Marie Antoinette Review Movie Essay

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Marie Antoinette Review Movie

This film is a motion picture displaying the life of Marie Antoinette as a young queen. It trails Marie’s life as she matures from a teenage bride to a young woman expressing her nature and her life of fabulousness and outrageousness. She was only 14 years old when she was pledged to marry Louis XVI for an alliance that had nothing to do with love. She then was sent to France, ripping completely from her old life. As time had passed, Marie had found life at Versailles stifling. She was constantly hated for being a foreigner and not having produced a heir to the throne. As Marie gradually begins to adjust to her new life, she began treating her self to lavish pastries and gambling with the other women.

Louis continued to invest in foreign conflicts such as the American Revolution sending France further into dept. eventually Marie and Louis have their first child, she gave birth to a daughter, Maria Therese. As France’s financial crisis worsens more riots break out and food shortages become more extensive. Marie Antoinette’s was very hated because of her luxurious lifestyle. She then gave birth to a boy, Louis-Joseph and then her second daughter Sophie, who died shortly after. The film ends with the shot of the queen’s bedroom destroyed by looters.

There was much historical accuracy within this film. The setting where the movie was filmed was in the actual palace of Versailles. The costumes of the 18th century period were depicted very well within this film. They showed the latest fashions of the French court. The movie even won an award for the best costume design. Also, Marie had a lack of education and that was shown when she had signed her name on a certificate her signature looked really sloppy compared to Louis’.

However there were also some Historical inaccuracies in this film as well. The music played in the movie was noticeably more modernized than that of the time. One of the more slightly less noticeable inaccuracies was the scene of the masked ball that was filmed in the Grand Foyer and on the Grand Escalier of the Palais Garnier, which did not open until 1875 many years after Marie Anointte’s death.

A director might have made these choices to slightly stray from the concrete facts of history for the purpose of making the movie easier. Most of the things that were classified as inaccuracies were very slight minor things such as the place where it was filmed. Most viewers wouldn’t even have noticed the fact of that so it wasn’t a very large concern for the director.

Overall I quite enjoyed the film very much. We had just finished learning about the Marie Antoinette so I feel like I enjoyed it more that I knew the background information about the time period. It was very interesting. I like when movies are more modern with actresses that I am familiar with like this one so it was great. I thought it was very informative. I would definitely recommend it to people.

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