The lifelong debate needs a winner: why is brain bi-partitioned and which hemisphere is best?


You may have heard individuals portray themselves as strictly "right-brained" or "left-brained," with the left-brainers boasting about their math abilities and the right-brainers touting their imagination (Harris, 2013). That is on account of the brain is partitioned down the center into two sides of the equator, with every half performing a reasonably unique set of operations. Much of what is thought about brain capacity is owed to Roger Sperry, whose analyses analyzed the way the human brain's sides of the equator work both freely and working together with one another.

The two halves of the globe impart data, for example, tactile perceptions, to one another through the thick corpus callosum that interfaces them (Harris, 2013). The brain's right half of the globe controls the muscles within the left side of the body, while the left side of the hemisphere controls the muscles on the right sect of the human body. At whatever point you wink your right eye, then make certain that is the left half of your brain at work.

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On account of this mismatch wiring, harm to one side of the brain influences the inverse side of the body.

Structure and Function of the Human Brain

When we consider the positive effects of the brain, we check the sole impacts of the left and right brain. For instance; the left brain is best in language: meting out what you perceive and taking care of most of the speaking work. It also takes care of performing the logic and exact mathematical reckonings.

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The minute you feel like retrieving a fact, your left brain retracts it from your storage memory. The brain from the right hemisphere mainly takes care of the spatial abilities, facial appreciation and dispensation of music. It performs some arithmetic, but only rough approximations and comparisons (Harris, 2013). All these hemispheres of the brain require oxygen for them to function efficiently. Oxygen gives the necessary energy required for brain processes.

The structure of the brain is made up of three key parts; the cerebellum, the cerebrum, and the brain stem. These regions of the brain control particular functions. For instance, the cerebrum controls the behavior, reflection, attention, responsible for the problem-solving, some emotions, creative thinking just to mention but a few (Mason, 2004). The cerebrum is made up of the occipital, frontal, and the parietal lobe, the temporal lobe, the right and left hemisphere, and the corpus callosum. The cerebellum mainly controls the posture and balance, while the brain stem acts as the sensory and motor pathways to the face and body. The hypothalamus in the other hand controls a person’s moods, sexual maturation, motivation, temperature and the hormonal body processes. Another part of the brain is the optic chiasm which is responsible for the optic nerve and vision. The pituitary gland controls hormonal processes, sexual maturation, physical maturation, growth and sexual functioning.

Development of the brain

The hemispheres of the brain are considered to develop as the individual grows. This development occurs in three stages; development at early and middle age, development at adolescent stage and the development at adult stage (Mason, 2004). The human brain starts shaping ahead of schedule in pre-birth life (only three weeks after origination), however from various perspectives, brain development is a deep rooted venture. That is, on account of the same occasions that shape the brain amid development are likewise in charge of putting away data new abilities and memories—all through life. The real distinction between brain development in a tyke versus taking in a grown-up is a matter of degree: the brain is much more naive (neuroscientists utilize the term plastic) in right on time life than in development. This versatility has both a positive and a negative side. On the positive side, it implies that youthful kids' brains are more open to learning and advancing impacts (Mason, 2004). On the negative side, it additionally implies that youthful kids' brains are more powerless against developmental issues ought to their surroundings demonstrate particularly devastated or un-supporting.

Storage of information

The left and right hemispheres of the brain consist of three parts that majorly involve in the storage of information. These are the sensory memory, the working memory and the long-term memory (Postal & Armstrong, 2013). The capacity of these memory stores is to channel the unimaginable measure of data we regularly experience. Without such a channel, our brains would rapidly be overpowered by an unbelievable show of certainties, figures, occasions and encounters. It gives the idea that the more regular data is experienced and rehashed, the more probable it is to be put away in the Long-Term Memory.

Sensory Memories

Our sensory memory quickly stores data from our faculties (eyes and ears for instance), and this enters the Sensory Information Store (SIS). Yet little consideration is paid to this new data which rapidly rots. More data (otherwise called obstruction) composes over the overlooked data. Our sensory memory is put away for between 15 seconds and 3 or 4 seconds (Postal & Armstrong, 2013).

Short-Term Memory

Short-term memory capacity is evaluated to last anyplace somewhere around 20 and 30 seconds if the new data is not practiced. In the event that the data is practiced, the data will keep going the length of the practice procedure proceeds.

Long-term memory

This capacity is evaluated to last for a very long period of time, and any data stored here is said to be permanent.

The role of exercising the brain

Exercising the brain makes it more active. This is for the reason that of there is increased flow of oxygen throughout the brain. By implication, activity enhances disposition, rest and decreases anxiety and nervousness. Issues in these ranges with respect to spending much of the time cause or help cognitive disability. Exercising the brain enhances sleep and the general performance of the body (Calvin & Ojemann, 1987). Thus, a person should always sleep well to help relax the brain. A good nutrition also keeps the brain freshly and healthy. While technology keeps the creativity and thinking of the brain on toes.


Concerning whether an individual is right brained or left-brained or even right-gave or left-gave the uses and inclination of the mind's two segments are much more perplexing than simply a basic left vs. right mathematical statement. Case in point, some individuals toss a ball with their right hand yet compose with their left. The cerebrum precisely adjusts and relegates control of specific capacities to each one side it’s all nature's method for guaranteeing that the mind eventually parts up assignments to amplify the effectiveness. Most individuals are correct hand prevailing which is really controlled by the left half of the cerebrum (Calvin & Ojemann, 1987). Cerebrum asymmetry is crucial for legitimate mind capacity and It permits the two sides of the cerebrum to wind up particular, expanding its preparing limit and keeping away from circumstances of clash where both sides of the cerebrum attempt to assume responsibility.

Updated: Feb 16, 2024
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