The Legal Driving Age Should Be Lowered

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Is a free, a more secure and a customizable web browser. More details are explained under “Web Surfing Tips.”

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First of all, we at Bargain Bytes, encourage our customers to use a web browser called Mozilla Firefox. In which case, you will find on the desktop. Mozilla Firefox is constantly being updated with the latest security patches, and works just as (Internet Explorer) does. Mozilla Firefox is a more secure, less problematic, and a faster browser to use.

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Green: Means Safe Yellow: Means use caution Red: Means Dangerous Gray: Means unknown You can also click the circle beside the link, and it will lead you to “WOT’s Reputation Scorecard site.” There you can see the reputation of each and every site for scams or viruses.

1. Open the CCleaner icon, which is located on the desktop, in the interface you will find two buttons at the bottom of the interface one being called “Analyze” and the other being “Run Cleaner.” 2. First you want to select “Analyze” to find any internet history, temporary internet files or cookies that you accumulate while on the internet and also to empty the recycle bin. Once the analysis is complete, select “Run Cleaner” which will clean up all those junk files thus saving your disk space. Recommend usage is every 2 to 3 days! 3. In the “tools” area, located on the left hand side of the program, you can also manage start up programs that start up when you turn on your computer, thus making your computer start up faster by disabling, or deleting them.

1. Open the program and select “Analyze” which will analyze your computer’s hard drive fragmentation. 2. Once the analysis is done, select “Defrag.” The time it takes to Defrag will depend on how many file fragments you have. You can also select help from the top menu bar of the program, and select “Drive Map Legend” so you can determine what each colored square indicates. It is recommended that you run Defraggler every week, or if you recently installed any software to keep file fragmentation minimum. A less fragmented hard drive will deliver better performance, and overall, prolong the life of your computer’s hard drive.

If you create another “Windows Profile”, as in multiple users, you will not have WOT or Adblock Plus for those profiles! As such, it is best to stick with the existing profile and not create any other user profiles to lower your chances of getting viruses.

Setting a password for your computer is overall a better way to keep your privacy, and also to keep any individuals that you do not want having access to your machine. It is advisable to have a password that has a combination of numbers, letters, or even various keyboard characters. You can make your profile password protected by going to “User Accounts” in the “Control Panel.”

Adding many toolbars will only serve to slow down the web browser, make the browser unstable, or void your privacy. Toolbars are unnecessary because most modern browsers have their search engines built in. Most toolbars come from various free software that is downloaded from the internet as offers, or are sometimes installed without your consent while visiting a website. If you download any free software, it is best to uncheck the optional toolbars that are included if the option is available.

Most free screen savers that you download from the internet are generally bundled with malware and various viruses. So it is best to not download any such screensavers.

If you download music, it is best not to use programs such as “LimeWire”, “Frostwire” or “Bearshare”. Those programs, if not most file sharing programs, have too many infected files on their networks. So we also encourage a safer and more efficient way of downloading music.

(Option 1)
You can try the first method to download music which is by going to With this, you can enter a Youtube video link into the site and have it convert the video to an MP3 music file to save to your computer.

(Option 2)
You can go to There you will find a search option to find free music trough Google. Make sure the file you download has the extension MP3 on it. This method is virus free, so there is no chance of downloading an infected music file. But it is still wise to scan your downloaded file before you open it!

Downloading movies and music is fine; the chances of getting infected by a virus is unlikely. However, for an extra precaution, be sure to scan all your downloads before opening them when you have finished downloading. Downloading software, or PC Games on the other hand is potentially risky and not recommended. Most cracked software that you download generally have viruses. So we encourage those who engage in Bit-torrent activities not to download any software, or games of any kind. And while searching for torrents online, avoid any sponsored links.

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The Legal Driving Age Should Be Lowered

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