The Minimum Legal Drinking Age in the United States Should Not Be Lowered

According to Procon, over 20% of American youth aged from 15 to 17 report drinking alcohol within the past month. Studies say that when the drinking age is 21, those younger than 21 drink less and continue to drink less in their early 20’s. The drinking age should not be lowered because it would reduce accidents and fatalities and over 3 of the public already agrees with the Minimum Legal Drinking Age of 21.

It is quite obvious that keeping the drinking age 21 has its advantages. If the drinking age stays 21, it will continue to reduce accidents and fatalities.

In the past year over one third of accidents is caused by drinking underage based on what Procon stated. This expansion proves that the minimum legal drinking age of 21 is an great advantage. It is achievable that we can keep having more advantages if the drinking age stays the same.

Since we are on the topic, we should address that multiple people already have their choice. A third or more has their mind set on their choice of keeping the age at 21.

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Evidence from Procons charts say that over one third of the general public already agrees with the Minimum Legal Drinking Age of 21. This insures that some people do have their mindset already based on what they have experienced or seen. People have an mindset that is made up and is clear.

The minimum legal drinking age lowering has been an concerning problem for an while. Although some people may argue that lowering the drinking age to 18 is good because that age is when we become a adult.

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Some do think that the reason is valid but is just very irresponsible and should have better reasoning. Even though they are labeled adults do they have the mindset of one, that is also an big concern for lowering the drinking age. The Minimum Legal Drinking Age is 21 for optimal reasons that are valid and can be explained,can they use valid evidence to explain their reasons.

The Minimum Legal Drinking Age should continue to be the age of 21. It allows young adults to arrange their life and get stable. It also helps with focusing on going to college or taking a adventure around the world. If we continue to give valid reasons and show others that the drinking age of 21 is safe and better for everyone, then we could prove that we can do more amazing things in the world.

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