Should the Legal Driving Age Be Raised to 21?

Do you think it is right to allow teenagers to drive at the age of 21? The statistics of accidents show the different rates for young drivers between the ages 16 and 19. Which is much higher than that for much mature drivers? Young teenagers are effortlessly distracted and are also not as experienced at understanding and recognizing road hazards and often do not wear seat belts.

Furthermore, as an undeveloped driver, you are the one person responsible for the safety of your passengers.

Young drivers are more likely to be elaborate in a reckless accident rather than older drivers. 17-25 year-olds account for 10% of license holders, but over 20% of the accidents- Don’t let this be you!

“Accidents have resulted in one young person killed every week, 17 young people seriously injured. The legal age should be raised to 21 to prevent some types of accidents in which young drivers are involved are different from older and more experienced drivers. Single vehicle accidents are more common with teens and are usually a result of the driver losing control of the vehicle.

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” This has become a major issue because innocent lives have been taken from young drivers who over speed, breaking government rules not knowing of what they are doing.

These extraordinary rates of accidents means you will be charged more on your car’s insurance.

Moreover most of the young inexperienced drivers gain a speeding thrill. Speed is the main root of most road accidents- you don’t need to break the speed limit to be popular amongst your associates.

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Driving at an inappropriate speed, either in a manmade area or on the smooth roads of the countryside can still have horrible consequences upon you, your beloved passengers and other innocent road users.

Speed limits are the maximum permitted speed on the road of today, but they are not usually the finest and safe speed. This is being recognized more and more throughout the globe and has been going wrong in the 20mph zones and variable speed limits. 20mph zones are being used in residential areas to slow the traffic down. Variable Speed Limits are most commonly used outside schools. For example, the limit may be reduced from 30mph to 20mph during times when children are entering and leaving the school.

Most people don’t follow the rule and tend to make up their own rules. They are either breaking the 20-30mph barrier or are going on the maximum speed limit and are not looking out for people who are coming in their way. Furthermore they are having accidents not only with cars but with innocent pedestrians. Some new drivers don’t know that it is a major offence to injure someone, or even take someone’s live unwillingly or even by purpose.

“This is a story of a young teenager who lost her life in a terrible car crash. Like a lot of parents, Dr. Arturo Betancourt and his wife, Lulu struggled to strike a balance between protecting their 17 year old daughter Alicia and overprotecting her. Alicia was the kind of child parents never worry about: a bright talented artist and popular girl known for her perpetual smile.

Alicia was about as responsible as a 16 year old you could find. So when she asked to go out for ice cream with a 16 year old boy one Friday night, her parents said yes – but they still laid down some strict ground rules: The boy has to pick her up from her house, get out of the car, ask for her and meet her dad.

I want to speak to him, Dr. Betancourt told Alicia. He reminded her to avoid distracting him when he’s driving.

“Sometimes she would complain about all the rules,” says Alicia’s mother, Lulu. Rules included a curfew that Alicia always obeyed. But that night she didn’t come home on time.

The Betancourts began to worry, and finally filled with foreboding, they called the police. The dispatcher told them to stay at home and that two officers were on their way.

“At that point, I knew that my daughter was dead,” says Betancourt

Alicia, who was wearing her seatbelt, had been instantly killed in a terrible car crash. Police say the boy lost control of the car. He hit a utility pole and was seriously injured.

In the weeks after Alicia’s death, her father found himself on the internet searching for anything he could find about teenage driving. Among all the information, he learned that teenagers not only have the highest crash and fatality rates of any age group, but 17 year olds specifically, are at the greatest risk.”

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