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What is life really about? Is it about money, or who drives the fanciest car, who sells the most albums or who has the most respect? Happiness has many different meanings. It is defined according to a person’s personal perspectives. Each individual describes his or her feelings in ways that cannot be compared to others. Happiness originally means the inner state of well being or a pleasurable or satisfying experience. What makes you happy and what makes me happy are different things.

Whatever it is, that gives you the feeling of happiness can only be determined by you, and only you. This is what makes the world interesting. Happiness to me is love and understanding of who I am as a person.

Most of the happiness that we experience comes from the feeling of love. The belief that love guarantees happiness is the idea that tells us we will live happily ever after if we can only find the right person with whom to spend our life.

If we realize that love by itself will not bring happiness, then we will be more tolerant of the imperfections of those we love. Relationships have their problems and if we love like we should and understand that people in our lives do not always meet our expectations, then we realize we have not lost our chance for happiness. We just have to look beyond the issues and see the parts that make us happy.

Happiness is also an understanding of who we are as individuals.

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The understanding of love, companionship, friendship, and faith is essential to one’s happiness. There are times in life when we have to sit down and evaluate ourselves in order to get a better understanding of ourselves. When we accomplish this task, it makes the search for happiness easier. Understanding yourself is the key to knowing what you love and how to love and in return, we get the feeling of happiness.

We have to live for ourselves and not others. We make decisions to better our own lives. As an example, if someone goes out and buys a new car they are not thinking about how this will make their friends happy. The goal is to buy a car that makes the buyer happy. Life is the same way. Once we can determine what makes us happy and implement that into our lives, then and only then will we be truly happy. To me, happiness means complete love and understanding of being who I am. When a person understands the purpose of their life, they are content, and therefore, happy.

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