The Issues of Judging a Person in Between Shades of Gray, a Book by Ruta Sepetys

In the book, Between Shades ofGrey, a young teenager named Elina,(Lina), is the main character. She expresses her mind freely, and says what she wants. She is so headstrong and outspoken that her dad ridicules her for it When Lina meets Kretsky for the first time, she finds him disgusting and evil, At the beginning of the book, he shot and killed a woman who just had a baby. Lina seemed to be right onjudging him poorly. However, her mother quickly told her not to judge because she does not know what he is going through.

It is later revealed that he had the doctor come and inspect the people. Due to the doctor coming, Jona was saved from death and the families were soon released. Nobody should be judged just by how they act and look. One must look deeper than that to see their true side. You cannotjudge another person unless you too are beingjudged. Lina’s learning to notjudge people comes from her age.

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Throughout the book, she faces many hardships including death, starvation, and loss of hope. She learns to keep her mouth shut and harden. At the beginning of the book, Lina’s mother tells her that she is going to have to take care of the family with her father gone, She is to keep her brother safe, With these problems in her life, she starts growing up. Lina eventually learns from her mother that she should not be judgemental. When Lina is told everything that Kretsky has done for her mother, she starts to Caserio 2 feel guilty.

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Kretsky manage to sneak infromation telling where her father is, and how he died. He also managed to get a doctor to travel to the camp. This may have costed him his life. All of this was for the act of kindness and bravery.

Nobody has the right to judge another individual unless there is significant evidence that this person is at fault. No one can know all the details of someone’s life to judge them. In the book, Lina finds the bald man as a hassle and whinyl Although he did whine a lot, he was also very kind and useful. To celebrate Christmas, he offered his home as a place to celebrate. He also shares to Lina that what keeps him from killing himself is fears Lina also judges Andrius when she sees all the food he has. She yells at him not realizing the pain he is already in. His mother was to sleep with the guards, or they would kill Andriusr Overcome with grief, Lina quickly apologies to him. This shows that you cannot judge someone unless you know all the details. Aquote from Christian text states, “Judge not lest you be judged yourself” I think this statement means that you should notjudge someone if they are not judging you For example, if their customs and looks are different than yours, they are necessarily bad However, if they are judging you, do not starting making nasty comments to them, Instead work it out with them and try to change their minds first If they are to be judge for evils then do it righteously.

Updated: Aug 16, 2022
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