Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Analysis

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Fifty Shades of Grey is a daring and romantic film. It is a movie that has a great impact to every woman. It reminds of the empowerment of women and how women role in the society.

Anastasia, was a woman who worked with Christian Grey as a sex slaves and had a contract with it. She was working with Grey, for a reason that she was signed the contract, and she was able to do her part for Grey. Anastasia, was a woman who had fallen loved with Christian because of their sexual intercourse.

The form and content of the work influence the writer’s gender. It is mainly focused on the issue of women who been through the indecent aspects of life. It brought the realization of every woman out there from what their purpose in life. The writer’s focus on the big role of the women in the society.

The two immediately feel attracted to each other when Ana interviews Grey for her college graduation paper.

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Ana is mainly looking for love, but Grey cannot give it to her. Grey is into BDSM (bondage, domination, sadism, masochism) and wants Ana to be his submissive rather than his girlfriend. Ana needs to decide what she wants to do while exploring this new sexual world. Ana was enduring so much pain, because she was fallen in love with Christian. But Christian only wants a pleasure not a love at all.

For me, it is quite challenging because at some point we all know that women are empowered because they are the one who actually brought us to this world.

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But in these views of women, may have the affirmation on traditional views of women, because it may differ to different perspectives to every woman. Whereas to be able to learn new aspects to women and worth for respect.

In the story of the movie, it is focused on Ana who actually a smart and attractive. On the other hand, Christian, was a billionaire, handsome, and has an attractive look. Ana, was only searching for true love and Christian was only looking for pleasure.

It was started when the time Ana interviews to Christian, and they had interest to each other. When the time Ana accepted what Christian has offered to her, she was not able to denied what Christian offer to her, and she accepted it. I like the author on how she wrote the story based on the different personalities of the characters in the story.

It is how woman work as man, that they have same virtue of. It is where women are empowered and has the ability to work with the same manner as the man can do. It gives the equality of both personalities in the story. It shares the equality of man and woman, whereas we can be the same as we are human and possibly can do things.

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