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Understanding something and making meaning out of it takes an interpretive process, during which the initial thought you recognize might remain the same, differ slightly, or can change with a certain percentage. In concert with a helper who approaches us, asks if she can help us, and then listens to our order, the meaning of the helper is re-established through that interaction. If, however, she informs us that the newly discounted items are on the other side and are available, then her meaning shifts from someone who will take our order and deliver the given to someone who simply directs us to a new place we would like.

When social interaction takes place, we automatically change our perspectives with the giving symbols. the reality is seen as social, developed interaction with others in Symbolic interactionism.

Most it is believed that physical reality does indeed exist by an individual’s definition of being social and those definitions evolve themselves to something “real.

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” In a simple way,’ symbolic interactionism is the way we learn to interpret and give meaning to the world through our interactions with others’. In a lot of places in the series subjective meanings are given importance by joe because he used to act on what he believed was true and not on just on what was objectively true. Thus, we can say that society is readily constructed and made by our interpretations. people tend to interpret one another’s behavior which results in our own constructed reality. For example, why would young people drive fast even when all objective evidence points to the dangers of doing so?

Studies find that teenagers are well informed about the risks of rash driving, but they also think that driving fast is cool, that they will be safe from harm, and that rash driving projects a positive image to their peers.

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So, the symbolic meaning of fast driving overrides the facts regarding accidents and loss of life. The theme of racism in To Kill a Mockingbird can also be looked at from a symbolic interactionist perspective. As the film depicts, during the time blacks and whites did not have equal rights when Tom Robinson was being accused of rape, therefore people were openly racist. Tom’s case went to trial based on the fact that everyone believed he was guilty due to his color.

There was no evidence to support the idea that he raped Mayella, only the words of her and the father. And despite all the facts the jury still found Tom guilty. From a symbolic interactionist perspective, this is an example of the tendency for people to ignore any information that goes against their stereotypical beliefs. in the movie according to the symbolic interactionist perspective what ultimately changed the way of thinking of Scout and Jem’s was their exposure to different groups. When the film begins, Scout is too young to understand the way money is conceived by society.

She clearly does not understand how the rules are made and everyone has to follow them without even agreeing. sometimes when she is breaking certain rules of social conduct and doesn’t even know is because she cannot detect the differences that exist between classes. However, these differences are certainly clear to everyone else. Class differences are also reflected in the courtroom scenes during Tom Robinson’s trial. The courtroom is racially separated, with the black people sitting in the balcony and the white people sitting in chairs on the floor. These differences become even more pronounced when Tom Robinson tells the courtroom that he felt sorry for Mayella. The reactions he receives from breaking this rule of social conduct reflect that he has crossed a boundary placed on him by society.

This also further explains why it would have been impossible for Mayella to tell the truth in court. She too had crossed a boundary as a white woman who tried to seduce a black man. Admitting that would have meant being exposed for breaking a societal rule. The sociological issues present in To Kill a Mockingbird are clearly defined. Based on the symbolic interactionist perspective this film examines the social interactions in one small town and uses them to explain society at large. It illustrates how people are bound by society’s rules and expectations and the inherent consequences of going against them.


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