The Importance of School Clubs as Leisure Activities

Leisure activities are the practices taken up by people to divert their attention for their daily day to day chores. Leisure activities serve the purpose of breaking the monotony of focusing one’s efforts towards a particular objective. They help and individual rewind and take a break from other activities that are not their primary agenda. Leisure activities examples are numerous, they are unique to the individual, but all have one common characteristic of being the extra curricula activity. Recreational activities can be experienced from the comfort of people’s homes or throughout door activities.

“However, people take on leisure activities or avoid practicing in leisure activities because of misconceptions that have created reputations that encourage of discourage people to partake.” Recreational activities for first-year students are vital. However, it is important for these students to have leisure activities that help improve their academic life as a student.

Recreational activities that negatively influence the first year students’ life should be avoided.

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A good example leisure activities that offered in schools for the first year students to involve themselves in include club activities. The number of clubs a school can have is limited by the imagination of its student, but it is also important for the school administration to monitor club activities to make sure that they positively build students. Most of the school clubs available have misconceptions that either discourages or encourage the first year students to join. Studies show that the success of a student’s academic life is directly related to the club activities they involved themselves.

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Clubs play a vital role in a student’s academic progression through broadening their thinking, through clubs is also where friendship bonds are formed (ASABA).

The first year students will be enticed to join clubs that fit best with their personality, but their will is affected by the perception they will get from other students. They, therefore, join clubs like football clubs, which have the impression of making students famous. Students who are famous through sporting activities have better chances succeeding in life because of the scholarships received. However, this is not the case for every student. It is, therefore, crucial that for a first-year student while joining clubs should have the right motive because there is the chance for them to be disappointed when their target scholarship opportunities are given to other students. Students target when joining clubs should not be the fame that comes with it but their overall satisfaction. Popularity of school clubs has contributed to social vices like drugs and sexual activities according to the psychologist Professor Marlene J Sandstorm; such practices will derail the targets set by an individual (Paul).

This goes to show that not everything good comes from joining a club to become famous. Students have the misconception that their success in school life club activities is a reflection of how their lives will become. However, the claim is not entirely correct because, in the real world, some of the world’s most wealthy individuals did not have a successful education. Jack Ma, co-founder of Alibaba faced numerous obstacles while trying to pursue an education. Such successes demystify the notion that life is not about how one failed in the school activities as students. The first year students have a lot of pressure from their parents and the community, in general, to perform exemplary in their education. Such pressure to perform gives the students the false feeling that all their time in school should be spent while studying. They, therefore, have the misconception that leisure activities in the school clubs is a waste of time. This belief by first year students could not be further from the truth.

The form of education that is purely academic is paving the way to the education style that takes on other activities that are co-curricular. This is important to students as it helps them show their skill in activities that do not involve pen and paper. Curricular and co-curricular activities complement each other and as a first-year student it is important to figure out which leisure activity they are good at, and they could make a successful career out of their leisure activities. Work and no play make Jack a dull boy saying should be used to encourage students to involve themselves in more leisure activates. The choice of leisure activity is mostly influenced by the interest and talent of an individual. The first year students with the misconception that leisure activities serve to waste their time should change that notion because leisure activates talent oriented. The most successful people in life are those who have commercialized their talents like singing and field activities. As a first year, that time in a student’s life is early enough for them to figure out their talents through the leisure activities in school. Once a student finds a talent they are exemplary good in, they should take their time to practice and become the best, that way they can exploit the talent commercially and make it a career (Singh 200). Proving that involvement in leisure activities is not a waste of time.

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