The Importance of Helping the Homeless and the Mentally Challenged Individuals to Make America Great Again

Do you ever think about other people instead of you?" I strongly think many people According to Encyclopedia, 25% of the whole world is homeless, or have mental illnesses, but you can help them live a normal life by donating money to them. To illustrate my point, there are many natural disasters hitting all over the world, and people loosing houses, and family members. Also, some people can't even afford health insurance, and don't get help from the hospital, which is horrible.

There are many organizations out there, which we have to support, so they can fix the problems in this world. Therefore, people need to help, there are millions of poor, homeless, and unemployed people out there that count on you to help them.

It is my belief that people that are homeless or have mental illnesses can't live a normal life. Constantly other people laugh at them because of there disorders. According to the web approximately 16% of single adult homeless population suffers from some form of severe and persistent mental illnesses.

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Did you know most people are homeless because of unaffordable housing, poverty, unemployment, and mental illnesses? To sum up, people that are homeless, or have mental illnesses never feel the comforting of others, and don't have anything to live for, so get up and start helping because no one else is! From my point of view, people that can't afford health insurance have to take precautions about everything. If they have an accident the hospital wouldn't treat them very well, and lack of caring because they don't have health insurance.

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This happens because some people can't afford it, or the employer doesn't give it to them.

Furthermore, this also effects the hospital bill, people who don't have health insurance pay thousands of dollars for each time you need medical attention while people who do, only pay hundreds, this is why people suffer from this. Did you know that if you don't pay your bill from the hospital they can sue you! I believe that this is too vain, there are more problems in this world that we have to solve, but this can't be the one stooping us from doing that!

It seems to me that people are loosing their houses because of natural disasters. Many of the residents whose house was destroyed chose to move away instead of rebuilding, this is devastating for the population. This is exactly why people need to help; the world is not going to get better by itself.

Therefore, we need to work with the government agencies to be sure we get something to warn people, so they'll have time to evacuate or stay inside their homes instead of just letting the storm do it's job. Some examples of natural disasters that were violent, and caused devastation are, Hurricane Katrina, and the Fire of California. According to a Time Magazine, when a tornado is about to hit almost 50% of that population is at risk, and we need to lower that percent because weather is getting stronger each year, and we have to the same. This is terribly needed, it could save lives.

Have you ever noticed people that need your help? Well, there are actually millions of people that need different support. For example, people that are homeless need shelter and clothes to keep safe. We need to make a difference in this world because it is tearing apart our nation! Severe storms wiping out populations, people that can't afford medical attention, and people in need of shelter, this is not right, people need your help, and you can help them by making blood, food, clothes, and even money donations. For example, my friend is a born hero, donating his bone narrow to his brother, which takes courage. Undoubtedly, America is a civilized nation, but we're not showing that, so get up and start helping because no one else is! We can make America great again.

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