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Make America Great Again
Original title Make America Great Again
Author Donald Trump


Language English
Characters Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Sarah Palin
Published January 19, 2017
ISBN 978-1-5247-4144-4
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Make America Great Again is a book by Donald Trump and Sean Hannity. In it, they detail Trump’s plans to make America great again by creating jobs, lowering taxes, and cutting wasteful government spending. They also discuss Trump’s views on immigration, trade, and foreign policy. Overall, the book provides a detailed look at Trump’s plans for America and how he intends to make our country great again.

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Why ‘Make America Great Again’ Beat ‘Stronger Together’?
...The hashtag battle was the one fight in the war that Hillary Clinton could have won, because “Make America Great Again” was not a great social slogan. It was shortened to #MAGA, and that had a kind of foreign feel to it. Still, it worked better t...