The Implications of Technology on Modern Day Society 

Over the course of time, the implications of technology have vastly become more prominent in society. Technology has essentially been the grounds for social development as a society and continues to broaden our economic and political development. Technological advancements have been used utilized in terms of marketing, transportation, communication, and even the preparation of meals. While taking a stroll outside every five steps one will possibly sight either a cellular device, an automobile, an airplane, or even a stop light. If one drives on the freeway they will be baraded with variable-message signs entailing traffic warnings.

Escaping the reaches of technology in the modern day has become inevitable which raises the question: Are the benefits of technology worth the negative implications? Whilst technological advancements have made it increasingly easier to hookup, date, and get into relationships, that does not directly correlate to its effect on said interactions. In fact, though the advantages of people being readily accessible are viewed as pleasing , many would argue that the negative impact of technology is far more vigorous.

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The commonality of technology and social networking lies in the lasting effects they have in terms of being detrimental to personal relationships. According to an article published by Huffington Post titled “This Is How Technology Is Affecting Your Relationship”,

mental health counselor and founder of Pretty Padded Room, an online therapy website, Bea Arthur asserts the notion that physical interaction is beginning to become less important as technological advancements improve (in-text citation) . Online personas and the excitement of dispelling fantasies has caused physical interaction to take the back seat.

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Arthur states that per her experience , though an individual may be aware that real life interaction is necessary they may prolong the meeting for as long as possible. Afraid to confront the reality of what is, many are often mesmerized by the idea of what their potential partner could be and not acknowledging the potential affects an in-person encounter would have (in-text citiation).

Furthermore, with the growing expansion of technology comes the expansion of social networking. With intimacy being attributed by quality time, date nights, and being physically and mentally present around your significant other, technology and social media have become daily stressors of modern day relationships. In fact, having to essentially “compete” for the attention of a partner with mobile devices and social platforms is one of the leading causes of dissatisfaction and conflict in modern relationships. A 2014 Pew Research Poll found that nearly one in four individuals in a relationship with a partner that owns a mobile device is often to too distracted by it (in-text citation). The poll also indicated that nearly one in ten excessively argued with their partner about relentless phone usage (in-text citation). Additionally, the poll reported that millennials are more prone to report tensional increase in their relationships. you can make the last two sentences one sentence + add concluding sentence.

With all of the technological advancements made in our society, privacy is slowly dissipating. Social media has become a large part in societies younger population today. There’s a constant urge to post personal whereabouts and keep followers updated on personal issues. The sharing of an individual's private life can also have an effect on employment opportunities. Some employers in 2018 require social media screenings of potential future employees. According to Business News Daily writer Saige Writer, 'Most employers are looking for reasons to hire someone'(in-text citation). Saige also suggests that one doesn't erase their profile completely because that it can make potential employers suspicious (in-text citation). Saige instead believes that people should be a lot more careful in what they post on their social media(in-text citation). Things like inappropriate photographs, discriminatory comments and, poor communication should be avoided.

Social Media creates the illusion of safety. The internet is a very dangerous place and social media platforms promote their websites as if they're safe havens for people to communicate and be free. Children are most in danger when using these platforms because they can expose them to a variety of things. In this day and age kids are now able to research how to bypass parental control features and firewalls. Children and pre-teens are also at risk of being sought after by online predators and cyberbullies. According to U.S. National Library of Medicine Writers David D. Luxton, Jennifer D. June and, Jonathan M. Fairall, the role that the internet and social media play in suicide is increasing (citation). These writers also suggest that these platforms should work towards combating the rise in cyberbullying and its association with suicide.

It is no science that technological advancements have primarily been culpable when speaking of how sedentary we have become as a society. Advancements in transportation over the years have, if not reduced significantly, completely removed the need for citizens to do any form of physical commute. In the case that one does not own a car, carrier apps like Lyft and Uber allow you to pay to have someone escort you to your desired location. Advancements in the work environment have intrinsically motivated us to become more static due to machines lightening the workload. Physical activity in our work lives has essentially been removed due to ongoing changes in technology. Worse still, communicational progress and television are incentives for keeping us sedentary and content indoors outside of the work environment.

General Manager of Health for Microsoft Worldwide Public Sector, Neil Jordan, arguably agrees with the notion and further argues that technology along with a total lack of impulse control is the main cause of obesity in society today. In an article published on The Huffington Post titled, “ Is Technology Making Us Fat?” he states that,” Most of us are guilty of a little overindulgence around the holidays but for many, overindulgence is a normal way of life. As economies transition to more sedentary, the physical movement that burned calories and kept us fit simply does not occur. Our lifestyles compound the issue -- dual-income homes rely on the convenience of packaged meals, and our leisure activities have shifted to heavy 'screen time' with movies, games and social media.” (Paragraph 3) Without the drive of adversity what protects an individual from chronic diseases due to inactivity and rising obesity levels? Technology in the modern day has failed to combat overeating and has not significantly contributed to increasing physical activity.

In conclusion, the codependency of society on technology could be described as cyclical. Across all walks of life technology serves as a catalyst for developing societies. Global advancements that, in turn, can progress a society to its highest efficiency if used prudently. Though, the lack thereof can affect an individual’s physical health as well as mental health. The excessive use and poor application of technological advancements could result in the destabilization of personal relationships, an influx of rising reports of obesity, and even breaches of privacy and security. Arguably, technology may not be solely responsible for the stressors or everyday life. . It is seemingly impractical to assess every form of technology and review all possible future implications but we as a society can, in turn, apply said advancements in a more efficient manner.

Updated: Mar 26, 2021
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