The Impact of Technology in the Evolution of Education

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Education is a very important in life. Over the years technology has had an impact on how teaching and learning is done. Since technology is always changing and improving to new ways, it is common to see classrooms slowly changing and the way learning is done. The newest change that is slowly happening to classroom is the use of tablets instead of textbook. Another example of how technology is involved in education is most of our learning and researching has to do with the internet.

Teachers and students are using it as a way of communicating and as teaching and learning aids. Overall, the involvement of technology in education is for the better of the students to try and find better ways to improve their learning experience.

Classrooms have changed throughout the years and are still continuing to change. The actual classroom themselves, to the materials used are also changing and improving. One of the main reasons for the changes is the constant technology that keeps coming out and improving old ways.

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Technology has had a positive effect on classrooms, teachers, students and ways of learning.

Classrooms over the years have been changing. The changes are from blackboards to white boards and from projectors to smart boards. In almost every classroom one can now find televisions in there, instead of having only a set few televisions shared among classrooms. Another thing that you can find is at least a computer in every classroom. Also, one of the newer changes that one could possible find is the use of tablets instead of actual textbooks.

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Projectors in classrooms are used to share films, slideshows of notes, or images to a classroom, in order for this to display it must be connected to a computer. A smart board is like a white board but only better, it can record what the teacher writes on it and allows the teacher to write on the board if there he or she is giving a lecture and wants to write something extra. Since this board can record what is being written on, it can be sent to students to look back on if needed. Televisions are included in the classroom as a form of visual stimulation. Computers are there for the teachers and sometimes there are more for student to use, such as for research and also to help enhance learning.

Tablets are soon set to be taking the place of textbooks. The tablet is light weight and can contain more than one book in its memory. The benefit to the tablets is that one can update to the newest book version faster by just clicking, ratherthan having to order new textbooks. These tablets can also have internet access so students can use them for research right at school, instead of having to go to the school library or waiting to get home. Since the textbooks are now on this tablet, it can provide students with more videos and other ways of interaction to enhance learning. In a survey held by the PBS, “Learning Media found that 74% of teachers incorporated devices such as tablets in their lessons. The survey also found that 69% of teachers using educational technology said that it greatly enhances lessons and empowers them to teach like they’ve never been able to before.” (Pozin 2013).Having the tablet can also be beneficial since the price for it is, “$38 and $55 per student for a six-year subscription. The average traditional textbook is $70 per student.” (Elliot 2013). So tablets can actually help reduce cost significantly. (Elliot 2013).

Aside from the tablets taking place of books, they can also increase learning. Applications, other known as apps are being used a lot in today’s society, and there are many different kinds of apps. There are a few educational apps out there that the student can download on the tablet to use. This can be used to better understand lessons they are learning and to study. Apps can be considered a study tool, because some do offer flashcards and visuals to the student to help them learn and understand. (Residence Hall Linens 2013). Also, since the tablets do get internet, as long as they are in a wifi area, they could use the internet to search the web. It could help when they are at home or in school researching information for their papers or essays. (McCoyn.d.).

Another way technology is being used for education is by cellphone. Most students todays have smart phones. On their smart phones they can download their educational apps and learn when they are on the go, away from home, or if they are not in a wifi area and cannot use their tablets. A great thing about cellphones is that they can access the internet. If a student ever needs to look something up or research things he or she can just pull out their cellphone and use it. Cellphone have also helped by letting the student communicate with classmates and sometimes teachers. If they have a question about a homework assignment or has forgotten it or has been out sick, he or she can just call or send a text message to their friend. In some cases a student may also be able to call their teacher if they have any question and or concerns. (RHL 2013).

Computers are also something you commonly spot in a classroom, even if it is just one. Teachers use it to make their test, assignments, and slideshow lectures. They are also used to hold administrative records and academic records. (Rowand, C n.d.). They also benefit the students by using them to type their papers, to do homework, and to do research. Computers can also serve as an educational tool. If they have the right program, teachers can use it as a way to better teach the class, since the computer can provide with visuals. Also, the computer can have educational games that help the student learn and become interested in learning.

The most influential technology in education is the internet. It is beneficial to all, including teachers, students and parents. Parents can use this to check his or her child’s grade, instead of having it mailed to them. There is a way for the parents to check and see the grade for every assignment and test their child has gotten, and also if they have any assignment they did not do. It also has just provide teachers and students to access different varieties of research.

Teachers can benefit from the website because of all it has to offer them. They can start a web based platform to post assignments students have to do and announcements that they forgot to mention. (Rust n.d.). Teachers can also use the internet to find teacher forums, where teachers discuss about what they are teaching and can give feedback and suggestions to one another. It can also help them because it is a great way of communication. If they parents want to talk to a teacher but does not have the time to meet with them in person, they can email them and talk that way. Also, if a student is in need of help or has a question, he or she can email the teacher and can communicate that way. (Residence Hall Linens 2013). Skype, can also be used, which is a way the teacheror can video chat with the student if they need some extra help. Also, it is a new way for teachers to tutor children. (Dunn 2012).

The internet has helped students greatly over the years. Instead of going to libraries and going through books, a student can now just search for articles from the comfort of their home. They can also use it for educational purposes, if they are having issues with their homework they could go online and search for videos and articles. Also, it helps communicate with their classmates whether it is for help or for group assignments. So, the internet does help students communicate, because they would also need it if they wanted to email the teacher. The internet also provides the student with Skype and social media, ways they can communicate with a classmate if they have questions. If the teacher provides it, they can interact with their classmates by a forum to discuss about thoughts on the lesson and ask questions. (Wilhelm 2011).

Another way the internet has impacted education is by providing schooling. Some

schools do offer online classes that a student can take. This is the new to help a person towards getting their degree, this has help people that are to busy. One can also create forums for other students to help communicate with each other about the lessons. Lastly teachers can use the internet to find out if a student has plagiarized a paper. (Wilhelm 2011).

The technology today in education has changed for the better. New ways of communicating with a teacher have helped a lot. Parents can now see their child or children’s grades online and not have to wait for a report card at the end of the quarter, semester or trimester. Researching for class and papers has helped a lot. The adding of text books online and tablets are becoming new ways of learning. Though these newer changes to a classroom can cost the school a lot, it can be seen as an investment to better learning. Technology is always changing and impacting education and it can only get better.


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