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The Haitian revolution happened in 1791. There are four primary elements which resulted in the success of the revolution.The initially one is the collapse and the malfunction of the French Monarchy. In France the advanced government was considering equality.The governor at that time implemented the idea of equality for all blacks and whites to beand he likewise mandated that slavery be abolished.Instead of concurring individuals of France beheaded him and killed his members.

The salves believed that they had actually been released in the Caribbean which resulted in their beginning to resist and revolt on the basis that the planters were concealing their flexibility from them.They wished to be released and not be beaten anymore.That's how the collapse of the French monarchy sparked the Haitian Transformation.

The second factor is that St.Domingue was one of the richest colonies in the Caribbean. They planted a variety of crops which was very labour intensive.

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They imported more slaves from Africa to assist with the labour to bring in more profit to them.Over time this resulted in the whites being out numbered buy the blacks. There was a increasing disproportion of numbers betwwen whites and blacks.This meant that they had a much greater advantage over the blacks. One thing that pushed the slaves to revolting was the extreme punishments that used to be admitted. Slave laws were established in the colonies but planters rarely followed tham as there was no authority to reinforce the measure that were supposed to be taken.

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The masters administered punishment they saw fit. Some slaves got beaten others.hanged and some even shot. Both male and female was punished in the same way.These were their family members and loved ones.They had to take action.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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