Industrial Revolution Spurs Economic Globalization and Transformation

In our modern-day of information age, important factors such as market expansion, resource acquisition, and technological and social changes are leading to the recent growth of the international business. Firms that are facing a saturated domestic market are seeking new market opportunities in terms of materials, products, labour, and capital in other countries. Most large organizations as well as small ventures will have to expand international operations or it must be affected by the global economy. Economic globalization has enabled to an all-encompassing, irresistible and profound transformation in the way the industrial revolution is taking place.

These reasons has led me to decide for pursuing my graduation in global management and through Royalroads University, not only I will get the knowledge of excellent strategies for successful management but also it will excel me in tailoring these strategies for different markets and their extremes.

The university will act as a bridge where I can learn and work towards researching how the global economy actually works, and understanding how multi-national companies work towards applying effective management strategies.

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The geographical location of Royalroads University is excellent to have a proper watch on the ongoing globalization and as am tech savvy and advanced technology is Victoria’s largest revenue producing private industry with $3.15 billion in annual revenues generated by more than 900 tech companies, I will get excellent exposure and opportunity through Royalroads university which is one of the most reputed public university of this region. My engineering degree has given me a strong foundation to my analytical skills since Instrumentation and control engineering involves a lot of complex processes, intricate calculations and application of advanced mathematical skills and the past five years of my professional career has given me diversity in experience and practical knowledge.

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Throughout my service, I have earned excellent opportunities to explore myself in different areas. Starting my professional career in 2014 with the Pharmaceutical sector where I had conducted Food & Drug Authority (FDA) Audits for countries like Ethiopia and Ghana and was responsible for Preventive maintenance and Utility Supply for the production unit has given me an opportunity to understand the criticality level followed in industries with International standards. In mid-2015, when I decided to shift my career from production sector to the development sector, I completed JRD Tata Honeywell Automation India Ltd. Certification course and started my career with Virtuoso Projects and Engineering Pvt. Ltd., where my ability to perform research and development for new projects enhanced to a greater extent. One of the life time experience and ability to understand the criticality of the system and processes, I gained from the project I completed for Reliance Industries.

Reliance Industries on 19th April 2017 announced that they have successfully commissioned world’s largest and most complex Ethane Storage Project in a record time, and being one of the key resource for the Development, Designing and Engineering of Distributed Control System (DCS), I learned and enhanced my practical and analytical approach towards any given situations. I have been appreciated for the work and dedication I have offered in this project. During my term with Virtuoso Projects and Engineering Pvt. Ltd., I got Temporary Work Agreement with Honeywell Turki Arabia Company Ltd., and travelled to Saudi Arabia to work for SAUDI ARAMCO Ltd., for about one and half years. This project and the exposure has amplified the quality of work I deliver as well as escalated the managerial and leadership qualities which I was ready to perform. After successfully completing ARAMCO’s project based at Jazan, Saudi, I took my next significant step and started my journey as Assistant Project Manager with Agro Industry based at Bihar.

The ongoing phase of Industrial Revolution which is based on the digital technology advancement has the potential to raise global income levels and improve the quality of life for populations around the world. The innovations know as disruptive technologies are hard to comprehend or anticipate even for the best connected and well-informed. While researching about university faculty, I found Poornima Wasdani (Associate faculty for MS in Global Management) aimed at developing and understanding of the strategies and processes involved when small scale firms internationalize their products and services. The success of such firms also depends on the technological breakthrough which acts as a disruption for the ongoing market requirements. Her ongoing work that measures the opportunity realization potential of entrepreneurs will insight clearer vision to develop strategies which will reduce the impact of market disruption on global economy and experience maximum benefits from these breakthroughs.

I sincerely hope to have a guide and faculty like Poornima Wasdani. Definitely, it will be a great pleasure to share the diversity of knowledge which I gained during my professional term. Further, international tours during my professional career has given me more opportunities to understand the culture and cross population harmony and also as an event organiser and co-ordinator during my undergraduate days which has enabled me to execute plans in a well-structured manner and to interact with people from different ethnicity within India. I believe that the progress of any society starts with spreading communal harmony amongst the people and gradually enriching it.

I envision performing my job at a progressively higher level with more responsibilities to meet and even exceed my performance goals. Though, I don’t have a specific designation in my mind for coming 5-10 years, What’s important to me is continuing to learn new things, get better at what I know and progress in my career at a reasonable pace, however, my objective is to achieve a senior managerial position in a large multinational corporation that markets, manufactures or optimizes process with in-cooperating automation. One of my highest aspirations is to be one of those who establishes, or significantly advances, such a corporation. I wish to say, sincerely, that in my opinion Royalroads will fulfil my objective optimally. The university has the qualities and diversity that fits my expectations, objective, and background.

The more I hear and read about Royalroads University – the more I feel I belong there. Graduates gain excellent career enhancement services and leading positions. Over the paragraphs, I reasonably feel that studying at Royalroads University will be a great experience. The edge that can be carved out of me by this esteemed university will intensify my efforts to achieve my ambitions. The aura of Canada with no match to any will help me cultivate what I cherish. The Master’s Program in Global Management at the University has produced well positioned executives. I certainly seek to be amongst them with support of my previous and upcoming experiences and excel in all prospects of my career and life.

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