The Four Contemporary Approaches to Management

The diverse approaches to management have been fine tuned. Changed and discarded above the years. In this paper we will take a glance at the contemporary approaches. We will scrutinize how they evaluate to each other in addition to if they can be employed in the 3 sorts of environments; competitive, internal, and macro environment. The initial approach to management would be the theory of sociotechnical systems. Investigators considered that for a business to be prosperous it would require the technical and the social system to effort together in harmony.

The social system comprises of the employees, their skills, knowledge, attitude and their perceptive of their job. While the technical system comprises of the items the employee requires for doing their job like devices, tools, or also techniques. Both systems would effort jointly to generate an effect that would be useful to the organization. [Bateman, T.S., & Snell, S.A. (2013).] The second approach is the approach of quantitative management.

This approach utilizes numeric or mathematical techniques to compute issues of organizations consequently the manager can construct an informed decision.

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A number of techniques utilized are the simulation forecasting, linear equations, and breakeven analysis. This technique is not utilized as to a large extent owing to the fact an organization would require to determine people that are extremely familiar in relation to quantitative mathematics. The third approach is the approach of organizational behavior in which a supervisor analyzes and studies, the employee’s behavior, an interaction of employee in a group and as the organization as a whole.

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This will assist to be aware of the whole thing from an attitude of employee’s to teamwork to how an organization can adapt and change. The concluding approach is the approach of systems theory. This approach proposes that an organization is a structure and a structure can be either closed or open however in this case open.

An open system denotes that an organization efforts with its surroundings by outputs and inputs. The organization influences the environment too as the environment have an effect on the organization. [Bateman, T.S., & Snell, S.A. (2013).] The three environments comprise the internal, competitive and the macro environment. The internal environments are the forces inside the organization for instance the employees, managers, and resources. The competitive environment is the component of the outside environment which comprises customers, suppliers, and rivals. The macro environment is merely similar to the name, huge. It is the broad environment that comprises governments which can be expressed as regulations and laws, technology demographics, economy, and social values. [Bateman, T.S., & Snell, S.A. (2013).] All of the four approaches to management are pertinent in every environment. All approach has to be taken into deliberation in the adjacent elements.

The competitive and internal environments are relevant with every approach since if the organization doesn’t effort and have composition from inside (internal) they will not be successful with their competitive environment. This would eventually cripple the organization to itself reinvent or the organization might stop to exist. Each approach needs to also taking into consideration the macro environment and its constituents so they can assemble the accurate information to construct informed decisions and let the organization be successful. [Bateman, T.S., & Snell, S.A. (2013).]

The 4 modern approaches to managements (sociotechnical systems theory, quantitative management, organizational behavior and systems theory) in conclusion, are diverse from each other but can all make an informed decision to develop their organization to be successful in every environment. An organization requires looking at the environment about them and making a decision what will the finest approach for them to employ. In view of the fact that the organization desires to be successful they will require to find the correct fit for them. All contemporary approaches are used in each of the three environments to build the most excellent outcome of the organization and carry on to improve with the varying elements of today’s society.[ Robbins, S., & Decenzo, D. (2001).]


Bateman, T.S., & Snell, S.A. (2013). Management. (3rd Ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill. Robbins, S., & Decenzo, D. (2001). Fundamentals of Management.
(3rd ed.). Prentice Hall

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The Four Contemporary Approaches to Management

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