The effectiveness of the criminal justice system Essay

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The effectiveness of the criminal justice system

“Access the effectiveness of the criminal justice system in dealing with young offenders” The criminal justice system’s aims to be effective in dealing with young offenders. Youths have the highest tendency for rehabilitation and most continue there lifestyles obeying the law as they mature. There are several factors prompting juvenile crime. These are psychological and social pressures which are exclusive to teenagers. This leads to an increase of young people diobeying the law and running into the criminal justice system. The effectiveness of dealing with young offenders will be assessed on firstly, the effectiveness of the age of criminal responsibility, Secondly, the effectiveness of how young offenders are treated differently in the criminal justice system and thirdly, the current approach to youth in jail, will be examined to regulate whether the best outcome is being met for offenders and society.

Crime is committed excessively by young people.according to the australian institue of criminoloy “Persons aged 15 to 19 years are more likely to be processed by police for the commission of a crime than are members of any other population. In 2010–11, the offending rate for persons aged 15 to 19 years was almost three times the rate for all other offenders”. Youth Offenders are generally trialed in the Children’s Court, except for serious indictable offences such as murder. Sentencing Options under the Children’s (Criminal proceedings) Act 1987 include Dismissal Adjournment, Good behavior bonds, Youth justice conference, Probation, Suspended/ Control order (maximum two years), Reform in the juvenile justice system – Young Offenders Act 1997, Youth Justice Conferences.

These sentencing procedures are effective because they encourage rehabilitation over punitive measures. In more serious offences the young offender is obliged to consider the consequences of their actions. A custodial sentence is a judicial sentence, imposing a sentence consisting of mandatory custody of the offender, either in jail or in a closed therapeutic and/or educational institution. This form of sentencing has shown a significant decrease in reoffending rates. Youth offenders high inclining rate of rehabilitation should produce more funds to be used on rehabilitation rather than spendng the money on a repeating offender who will serve time forever in jail.

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