The Dumbest Generation

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To response to the hot discussion over the world, I agree that we are the dumbest generation. In our generation, the Internet is so convenient that we spend mostly our free time on the net. Using facebook, twitter, skype, or going online shopping is our favorite, but let us be honest, these are just ways to kill time. Then why not make good use of the Internet? Because we are so lazy that we rather chat with our friends all day but viewing the news or articles on the web.

In short, the Internet wasn’t made good use in our hands. The more we spent on the Internet, the less we read books. Yes, books. The most direct way to perceive knowledge. Not only reading books but magazines are also a brilliant way to get informed of what’s going on around the world.

Even novels or literatures could improve our quality and temperament. Reading books and articles enables us to think critically, so that we can have more ideas about the worldwide issues.

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However, it is sad that we usually don’t read in our free time unless the teacher told us to read the text books. Indulged in the Internet world and not willing to read is the main reason that we are the dumbest generation. Although there are so many information online, we don’t even have the thirst for browsing it. Although there are good libraries and all kinds of policies that encourage students to read, we don’t read out of voluntary.

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This is the problem that couldn’t be easy to improve, and constantly makes our generation dumber.

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