The Dream of Freedom from Racial Inequality in America

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By listening Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous speech, I have a dream, I felt a strong, justice desire of rising up a nation from quagmire of racism. When the nation of U.S.A just survived from WWII, people around the world just succeed in escaping from radical racist Adolf Hitler, African-American in the U.S land were struggling to fight for their equality. He had a dream that let freedom ring from the U.S land, when black children and white can play and learn and grow up together.

Now his dream has completed, yet I also have a dream today, which has not achieved. I am from hinterland of the northwestern China which rarely known by the world– Xinjiang.

Whenever people from China mention my homeland, first things they can think of are undeveloped, disordered, and ignorant, which noun of them are truth. My dearest hometown has no differences from any of yours, we have vibrant city and fertile pasture, we have sumptuous fruits and white cotton like snow, we have continuous mountains and boundless prairie, barren desert is a part of us as well as those beautiful lakes embellish our land like sapphire.

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Our cities had suffered for terrorist attacks, we are also victims, not perpetrators; our people are hospмitality and enthusiastic, our lands are colorful and magnificent. We are not thieves or cheater or thugs, we are same people as all of you. I have a dream today, as same as Dr. King. Wishing people can abandon their prejudice and truly learn who we are.

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I believe that Dr.King’s dream has came true, so will mine.

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