The Racial Inequality in My Life as an African American

Racial discrimination is an ongoing major issue in society and there needs to be light shed on the situation which was my reasoning for choosing this topic, I believe racial and ethnic equality is an important issue in my life as an African American. All races should have the same opportunity to reach their full potential in life, Human beings don’t have control over the color of their skin nor their culture and regardless, race does not determine human value.

Although racial inequality is one of the least talked about issues in America today, there’s a majority of people who support the subject, To take action in this project I created a Facebook page titled “Racial Inequality” which is encouraging others to help spread awareness of the subject as well as urging them to see no color and look past a person’s skin, After promoting the page and sharing it with family and friends, it received over 40 supporters within the first day and is continuing to receive more, After doing some research I discovered there are many different races that face some sort of discrimination or injustice, The four different groups focused on in this project are Native Americans, African Americans, Muslims, and Hawaiians.

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Although Hawaii is quite diverse, there are a number of issues between different races and cultures, About a century ago, Europeans and foreigners basically put the Hawaiian race into oppression. A few examples include: suppression of the Hawaiian language, banning practice of Hawaiian traditions and culture, as well as making it nearly impossible for natives to keep their land and urbanizing it.

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It was only a few decades ago that they finally decided to stand up for the equality they deserve. Even today there is much lack of respect for the Hawaiian race as well as the cultures and traditions behind it. Numerous Americans are belittling the Native American culture with the ‘Indian’ mascot portrayal; mainly displayed in a sporting event. These ‘lndian’ mascots and logos aren’t honoring to Native Americans, but instead create stereotypes and this is what causes others to disregard their identity. Along with this issue there are more that they seem to be facing.

Natives are constantly being stripped of their land by the government and constantly facing violence, People are taking advantage of Native women, as they are more likely to be raped or sexually assaulted than women of any other race. They are also struggling to keep their language alive. Educators that want to teach the Native language and cultures to younger people have to deal with a depletion of funding Since 9/11, Muslims have struggled to survive in America. One would think that the discrimination against Muslims would have died down a bit since the incident, but it hasn’t and is unfortunately still alive. The daily struggles they are constantly facing includes: getting through security checkpoints, undue surveillance, and finding employment and housing without facing discrimination Many Muslims are quite upset at the idea of being labeled a safety threat in a country founded on tolerance and freedom One of the most popular and recent protest happening in the world today is the Black Lives Matter movement. Starting in 2015 many African Americans were being killed by police actions.

The issue is the people being killed are being killed for no reason, Majority of them are innocent and more importantly unarmed; leaving the officers with no good motive for their actions. The biggest upset with this protest is people are saying that all lives should matter not just black lives. Though the whole point of the movement isn’t to say that all lives don’t matter, rather instead itjust focuses on the group specifically facing cruelty, School education plays a big role in inequality of many races as well. Students are expected to engage in courses that don’t depict the reality of their life Majority of schools aren‘t covering the contribution of black political leaders as much as they cover white historical figuresl There are also issues with schools failing to reveal historical information of racial groups in an accurate way In a McGraw»Hill calling the slaves ‘workers‘ who ‘emigrated’ to the States downplayed history textbook the true portrayal of slavery.

Another similar situation involved a passage in a textbook that described Mexican» Americans as trying to ‘destroy our society. These history lessons should not be taught if it isn’t giving vital information, Racial inequality was a great topic to cover because I learned more in-depth about what other cultures outside of my own have to deal with, Racial equality should be more than just looking pasta person’s color or race, but should include having respect for one’s culture and beliefs because it is a big part of what makes up a race. The best way to solve issues with racial inequality in America today is by creating an environment where all races can interact together every day which is why schools should constantly make an effort to create a more diverse student body as well as having diverse workers and leaders. This way a better understanding of each culture is given and will help more people to relate to it,

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