Racial Inequality and Awareness Through Communication

The following are some of the policies as cited by Gallagher and Lui to counter racial inequality in order to have a balanced or equal society: Increased awareness which is achieved through communication to other people over racism and withoutjudgment making an inquiry of the shared thoughts and the reason of animosity to a given race. Awareness also enlightens individuals on the importance of not engaging in this type of activity. Furthermore, this enhances the relationship between individuals from different races thus reducing racial inequality according to Gallagher, Make it against the law to be unequal to which in this case people will have to avoid the use of stereotype language while in public thus being mindful of words that might provoke racial inequality.

In addition to that racial jokes should be intolerable especially in public occasions like a court proceeding, schools or even in public according to Luir Inclusion to the curriculum as the young generation needs to know what the problem is and at the same time given a solution to the problem at school hence this will change how the young age views the situation, unlike the older generation.

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Personally, I intend to also spread awareness to people around me about the adverse effects of racism and the importance of not being racial, It is for this case that I would be a patriotic citizen and look out for the good of the nation by first practicing racial equality then allowing others to follow suit. Secondly, I would be introspective which means I wouldn’t give in to peer pressure to practicing racial inequality In conclusion, racial unbalance is a severe issue, but through the right policies, this problem can gradually be tamed to dealt with hence eradication.

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