The Devalued Benefit of Social Media Protests

Should online protests/activism be considered as valid as physical protests, perhaps even better? The answer is yes because not only does it help boost its awareness of the topic but it may also improve the effectiveness of the protest. Other reasons also include that online activism can reach anyone in the world, and it is a great way to help disabled activists to get their message across. Social media like Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and many more are great places to protest and boost any kind of activism or movement going on.

Social media provides the new and improved era of online activism and protesting, why would we stick to our roots when we can adapt to the now.

My first reason is that social medias can be used for digital protests, and can make protests more bigger than what they are. There is a reason to why these protests are happening, because of them being very successful and delivering the message most accurately and attention.

Social media provides a fast, cheap, and easy way of protesting and delivering messages and feedback. My biggest slice of my evidence of this is it has been done in the past several times and were successful in their favor like the #BlackLivesMatter and the #Metoo movements. Digital protests like the #BlackLivesMatter and the #Metoo movements are two of many other digital protests that are great examples of digital protesting, as they politically and socially changed society. Social media has had a profound effect on society, commoners now have a chance of getting their voice heard, there is a sense of hope, as every issue has the ability to be widespread, empowering citizens of all nations with the power of being heard.

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The fact that social media can even provide massive following and attention to a campaign easily, and even lead to political or social change in a society is very effective and conveniently advantageous.

Secondly, it is clear that the protesters use a range of different media to communicate with each other and to get their message across. The internet and social media can reach anyone around the world, which is great and very handy for everyone. Wouldn’t you want to be notified what is going on in another country especially if you’re planning to visit or live there. Also for many organizations, the Internet is a great tool for its ability to reach and involve millions of people. Obama’s electoral juggernaut is a good example of how a rigid and highly centralized campaign managed to leverage the highly localized nature of the Internet to its great advantage. If the message broadcast through social media receives enough support through individuals resharing, retweeting, and likes, then the potential for that message to go viral on the web increases the ability for gaining the attention of mainstream media outlets. With the boost of awareness and mainstream audiences, this brings me to my next reason of even more involvement and awareness social media can bring.

Thirdly social media is the new and improved era of online protesting, and can even help and support disabled activists and people. Social media turned out to be very helpful for the disabled activists as well. A quote written by Patrick Butler, “while there are fears that traditional methods of disability activism are on the wane, a new campaigning spirit is been forged using the social media revolution”. He also wrote “Galvanized by the government’s draconian welfare reform agenda, the new activism arguably is helping to renew a disability movement thought by some to have lost its way in recent years. Someone can simply join a Facebook group to express his/her support, opinion and comment if he cannot make it to the physical protest. In this regard Twitter is also used, when there is a live protest happening. In this case we should adapt to the current era of society meanwhile supporting the disabled activists, as they can do their “work” through a convenient platform such as social media. As you can see from my reasoning why would anyone oppose the idea of social media activism as it proves its effectiveness, well let’s discuss what people have been opposing towards this idea.

Many others claim, just because you can reach more people doesn’t mean they will actually participate. These people are wrong because it still spreads awareness and contributes a vital role in this society. They are varied socially and politically, ranging from workers to bloggers and democracy campaigners, to senior judges, to members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Coptic Christians. Obviously if you’re not into a theme or topic of some sort you won’t be drawn by it or give it any attention therefore it really just depends on the person and their interests.

Digital protests should be as valid as physical protests and should be the new way of activism. Judging by all of my reasoning and evidences, I think it’s safe to say that online activism should be engraved in our current system and society. Seriously only a person who is ignorant and an old head who wants to believe the old way is better. Why would you be against the idea of online activism when it is clearly better and works effectively. “while there are fears that traditional methods of disability activism are on the wane, a new campaigning spirit is been forged using the social media revolution”. Online activism makes activism so much easier, more effective and can reach anyone in the world, there’s no reason to oppose or deny it.

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