Customer benefit package (CBP) diagram for Gold’s Gym

Gold's Gym International, Inc. is an American chain of international co-ed fitness centers (commonly referred to as "gyms"). Each gym features with a wide array of exercise equipment, group exercise classes and personal trainers to assist clients. So the primary services of the Gyms is to provide a wonderful and professional environement for people who want to do bodybuilding and physical education. It is considered a landmark in the bodybuilding subculture.

Gold's Gym locations are equipped with cardiovascular and strength training equipment and offer group exercise classes such as group cycling, pilates, Latin dance, yoga and stretching through the company GGX (Gold's Group Exercise) program.

Many gyms also offer basketball, swimming pools and boxing studios so these are Gold’gyms’s peripheral service.

2. The mission of the Gold’gyms is to help people find their inner strengths to achieve goals. No matter what your fitness level is. Anything is possible when coming to Gold’gyms. 3. The strategy of the Gold’Gyms is to provide the best facilities for trainers and also bring benefits to membership.

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They focus on 4 “P”. Product : Equipment and training programs for health and fitness vary among facilities Certified staff and employees.

Price: Membership fees and plans range depending on gym $34.99 for a two-year commitment to $569 for a one-year membership that includes group sessions. Promotion: Gold's Gym have their own website so we can easily find infortmation, searching for training progames and applying the a training course, also they have Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter Gold's Gym Spotter App and Commercials.

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Everything is public so it gets closer to customers. Place : with 600+ gyms in 37 states and 30 different countries. Gold’gyms are gaining more and more customers every single year. 4. The competitive priorities of Gold’gym are:

Currently have the 3rd largest market share.
Has 600+ gyms in 30 countries.
Have a history of being a body-building gym
Recognizable logo.
Large line of products in store.
The favorite place for many celebrities.

5. The core competencies of Gold’gym is : They encourage people to define their own strength no matter what their fitness level is. 6. The strategy that they used to win customers is :

Providing the best environment for people who want to do bodybuilding. With their reputation, the Gyms always provide most professional space for trainer. With well-trained staffs and employees. Gold’s gyms have built their own images without any kind of lobby or PR. 7. Two key perfomances matrix which could be useful are :

Full body analysis : This will help the Gyms to what will be the best method to people to train in the whole body. The body will be trained in fully and healthiest way. Focus on the 18-34 year olds : When people reach to 18, and from 18 to 25 years old: bonds and body structure are built quite good so it is the best time for them to do a professional bodybuilding, in additional, they also have many free time than others.

From 25 to 34: They already have jobs so the pressure of job may effect their body so they really need to practice to relax and become healthier in order to work better. If the Gyms can focus on these two things, I believe that they can even gain more profits and become the best fitness centers in the world

Updated: Jul 07, 2022
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