The Deforestation of America

This article talks about the percentages of deforestation in the US and the effect of our growing population has on animals and their environment. With the current rate of deforestation it will leave hundreds of species homeless.

The article presents answers related to the air pollution problem. Up to date and from a reasonable source.

This about The southern white rhinoceros, is heavily poached in southern Africa, with over 4 000 animals killed in South Africa between 2013 and the end of 2016.54 injured rhinoceros were treated by South African National Parks veterinarians from 2014–2016, 31 of which were ultimately euthanized due to their injuries.

At least 38 orphan rhinoceros calves were being cared for in South Africa at the end of 2016, many of which required veterinary care during their rehabilitation process.

This article talks about how damaging plastic is on the environment and harmful to animals. It is seriously affecting animals in the ocean too. Whether its a sea turtle or even a whale they are all being affected.

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27 million tonnes of plastic waste were produced in the EU in 2016 and 33.3 million tonnes of plastic waste were produced in the US in 2016..

Talks about global warming and that is apart of my topic. It seems relatively current . it is written by people who study this type of stuff so i think it would be accurate. It is a good counter claim to my topic .

This article is about global warming, and to explore the effects of long-term climate trends and short-term weather fluctuations, evaluations of scientists and science, political predispositions, religious affiliation, the information environment, and demographic attributes on individuals’ views about whether global warming exists and, if so, whether it is a result of natural cycles or human activity.

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I think the only thing wrong with this article would be its a little dated its information is from 2009.

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