The Reason Why Stopping Deforestation Can Help Us Save The Earth

People are cutting trees and are not going to be here much longer. People have caused some mini-earthquakes. People are cutting trees and are not going to be here much longer. People have caused some mini-earthquakes. Nature changes the earth by wind and water hurricane a tornado could affect earth negatively. For example when it rains the water goes down the hill onto the dirt if the water keeps running through there it will make a river. It can cause road damage when it’s near a beach because the water cares the sand away.

‘If there’s a rock in a windy place the rock is going to turn to sand because the wind passes through the rock ( by Lawrence line 33-36 ).’ ‘Furthermore, water can shape rocks because the water goes by the rocks and the water shapes the rocks (by Lawrence line 19-20).’ ‘Water and wind can shape rocks (by Lawrence paragraphs 1 and 2).’ Finally, water can shape rock like the Zion National Park because there’s a river going through the rocks.

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People cut the trees because the trees are too tall and the branches are too big. Some such as large-scale agriculture and can change weed grasses shrubs. One way humans can shape the earth is by making erosions worse. Deforestation land of trees is harmful because trees provide the benefits. ‘We are damaging the arctic because of the global warming hitting the ice so the ice is melting and there is not going the be there much longer (video 1).

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’ ‘The climate is changing so the Arctic isn’t going to be there anymore (video 1).’

Volcanoes erupt they emit a mixture of gases and particles into the air. Some volcanoes have ash and sulfur dioxide have a cooling effect. ‘Hawaii is a tropical state because wind rain and volcanoes erupting and people more than 1,700 people have to evacuate their homes (by Mcdonaugn line 9-10).’ Although volcanoes can cause devastation there are some benefits. For instance, when volcanoes are done erupting it attracts tourists even if its still erupting. It brings nutrients to the soil and creates very fertile for soil. Some volcanoes erupt are contained. The negative thing about volcanoes can trigger flash floods rock fall and houses burning down. ‘People can die because volcanoes erupting they didn’t leave on time ( for all the yellows in this paragraph).’

Overall stop cutting trees for houses and stores and building apartments. ‘We should plant more trees and cut the dead trees instead of the alive ones but if we still cut the alive ones the trees are not going to be here much longer than we expect (video1).’ Even for paper because when we make a mistake on the paper we will throw it away. we are going to die if we still cut the alive ones because they aren’t going to give us oxygen cause we cut them down.

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