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The definition of word "race"

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (415 words)
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Google defines the word race as a competition or a water channel, yet however, in the Oxford Learners Dictionary the word race is classified as the main groups that humans can be divided into according to their physical differences, for example the colour of the skin. In society, we tend to confuse race with ethnicity, where ‘ethnicity is the learned cultural behaviours celebrated throughout regions of the world’.

In history, with the different looks of one’s skin came racism, where races divided us as individuals due to the different characteristics that one possesses.

The destruction and lowering of one’s self to make one race more superior overall, whites, and the other to be inferior, blacks. Due to this constant need for the ‘alpha’ race, slavery was put into effect making the less superior races, to be treated less than human. With slavery the act of selling and belittling another human with utter humiliation was degrading. BBC introduction to ethics and slavery, agrees that slavery violates the very right of a human.

Slavery and its unruly conditions killed thousands of blacks all for the measly title of being ‘superior’.

Colonisation has played a big role in the effect of the division of the races in the fact that the colonial powers dominated, oppressed and even exploited the “subjects”. Colonialism was started as a competition for resources or survival of the fittest stated by Charles Darwin. colonialism was a step – backwards for humankind, on account of this colonial oppression was enforced by the superiors.

Race is also tied with the slave trade that took place approximately in 1526 to 1827, capturing slaves from Africa and shipping them off to the Americas. History Now states that the Atlantic Slave Trade ‘was the costliest in human life’. The Atlantic Triangular Slave Trade was created by the European colonist so that they could maintain a wealthy empire, but also because they lacked the workforce in the new world. In order to keep the status of being wealthy the Europeans had in mind to use blacks were sub-human, the reason the Europeans showed lack of character towards those with a darker complexion to them, resembled the likeliness of creatures, monsters. Europeans exploited the blacks to make a means to an end.

Race viewed today is still seen with these small-minded thoughts as we still have some people today thinking that they are still superior. Race will always play a factor in our lives whether we want it to or not.

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