The Culture of My Native State, Punjab

Cultural diversity means having many different cultures in a particular region. It helps us to learn about so many different people, their way of living life according to their customs and beliefs. It creates our interests in other cultures to such an extent that we automatically start blending with various people and unites ourselves.


I am from India, a land of so many different races, castes, religions, languages and much more. Although, in India people vary greatly with respect to their religious practices, food habits, and dresses, still their togetherness depicts the beauty of Indian culture.

I am from Punjab, a northern state in India. Most of the people here are Sikhs and Hindus. I am from a brahman family, which was regarded as the superior class in past (based on the class divisions in history of India). My religion has a large number of rituals and beliefs, starting from the birth till the death of an individual. According to my religion it is believed that religious practices bring people together so that they can share their happiness and sorrows.

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Coming to my Punjabi culture, firstly, Punjabi nourishment is wealthy in flavors. Most of the people in my culture prefer eating spicy food stuffs. With flooding ghee on the chapattis, the food here is considered for the brave hearts. Lassi is the reviving beverage here, which is my favorite too is the end product of fermentation of milk. Also, people make some or purchase sweets to celebrate their joyful moments or good news in their life journey.

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People also love wearing jewellery as wearing more and more gold ornaments represents a wealthy background.


One of the most interesting things in my culture is that there are so many festivals in it. There is not even a single month in a year when people do not get together and celebrate for a particular festival. Some of the very famous festivals are Diwali, Holi, Raksha Bandhan and much more. Among these Diwali is regarded as the festival of lights and Holi as the Festival of colors. There are many different types of dances in my culture but the famous among them is bhangra, which is done by men in Punjab whereas ladies and girls do giddha which is also a famous dance here.


Further, one of the funniest and famous stereotypes of my culture is, people think that our body shape and size is huge as compared to other people because we add ghee (dairy product) in almost every meal which gets stored as fat in the body. Some also believe that Punjabis are good at image building, skills and money-making techniques. Additionally, Punjab is also regarded as drug capital of India, but now most of the people are educated enough that they are preventing the usage of drugs in their lives. People also think that they never say no to alcohol and it is very true to much extent as Patiala peg (a peg of whisky in which the amount of alcohol is decided according to the space between the index and the little finger held along the side of the glass) is in much demand in Punjab. Some of them consider it a backward state of India but now it is stepping towards development so fast that it will easily compete with other developed states in India.

Updated: Feb 22, 2024
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