The Crime Spree in a Neighborhood in Oakland and the Need to Provide Role Models for Its Children

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My neighborhood in Oakland has gotten worse because of the crime .my neighborhood is always on tv. It’s on tv so much everyone knows about it. So many people are very scared to come close. Even the cops are scared to drive throw it so when they come for a call there it’s like 10 cops the show up. And that’s makes it bad for the high school right in the neighborhood because what is being said on the tv about it cause these kids with great talents to be missed because these colleges are scared if they come they will get rob are even killed and it’s very sad because some kids there if they were given a chance they can make it.

And this is not good because if they feel like there no hope for them they hit the streets and that’s why the main people producing the crime not just my neighborhood but Oakland in general is the teens.

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And the reason why for that because they don’t have role models or fathers and they are young minded so they go on the streets join these gangs then the start to feel like there family is the gang so they will ride for their gang so these order men in the gang take advantage of them telling them to go out and kill who ever disrespect them.

And that’s why murder is the main crime they are shooting each other and some of the people getting killed are innocent kids caught in the crossfire little kids someone baby.

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Is so many killings Oakland developed the name bay Iraq. Because 2012 Oakland ad more killings than Iraq. The only way we change is if we show these kids and these teens there is a way out show them if you put your mind to it and chase a dream noting will stop you and we have to help them believe by being there for them by being there role model there father figure.

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