The Concept of Netiquette and It`s Effect on Self-esteem

Why Netiquette? In an online discussion post or forum as it is used in UOP, Netiquette will help to facilitate respect, mutual understanding, unity and tolerance within the students in the group discussion (Conrad, 2002: Curtis and Lawson 2001; Brown, 2001). My understanding of the concept is one’s ability to be civil with one’s response or feedbacks to one’s colleague paper or assignment. That said, my ability to be civil when giving feedbacks will help bring about mutual understanding when discussing or responding to criticisms.

It will help to respect other students’ opinion without being offensive or too critical acting as if I am the instructor. In other words, constructive feedback can be balanced with civility.

Consequences of bad Netiquette

To be addressed with bad netiquette, I will feel bad and honestly think that the student does not respect my views and person. The same is also true with other students too.  Addressing other students with bad netiquette will possibly dampen their morale especially for those with low self-esteem or introverts and doing that will definitely affect their contributions to the group forum.

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In other words, it is going to discourage an effective participation from such students. It can bring unnecessary disunity among students too. If for instance, I have been addressed with bad netiquette from feedbacks I got from my colleague, there is every tendency that I will want to reciprocate such. Doing that will create an unhealthy rivalry and disunity in the forum. The purpose of the teaching learning process will to a large extent be negatively affected and defeated.

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Relationship between Netiquette and peer assessment Both Netiquette and peer assessment are mutually inclusive concepts. When giving feedbacks during the process of assessing or reviewing one’s classmate, it is important to observe the dos and don’ts of netiquette as highlighted in one of the texts given for the reading assignment in unit 3 academic work. It is simply just trying to avoid being rude or mean to one’s classmate or peer. Importance of using good manners when leaving feedback The importance of using good manners when leaving feedback cannot be overemphasized.

Using good manners tells a lot about your person and personality. It shows how intelligent or unintelligent you are. It shows how sensitive or insensitive you are too to others. Using good manners to leave your feedback will help the student at the other end genuinely appreciate your feedback. My feelings about the feedback I received On the discussion forum, the feed back I got made me feel good and kind of boost my morale to want to make more contributions. I also learnt from one of the feedbacks that discussion forum was more of an informal setting where references are not really required except for if you have used a lot of citations in your write up.

Also, the feedback I got from my instructor was objective and blunt correcting my misdoings. This has really helped me and pushed me to want to just be original with my writings and simply put my understanding of concepts down in my words. It has also helped me to learn more about plagiarism and disabuse my understanding of what plagiarism is. The feedback I gave The feedback I gave was objective and was given in a way the writer honestly admitted to my feedback. I have always tried to be sensitive while leaving feedback. And like I said earlier, one can be civil and still give constructive criticisms.

Updated: Oct 04, 2021
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