The Character of Privet Detective in The Woman Who Disappeared

Categories: Short Story

A private detective named Lenny Samuel got a job from a woman to find her sister whom has disappeared a week ago. The woman was Helen Garfield and her sister was Elaine Garfield. She was paying him 50 dollars per day and asked him not to inform the police for unknown reasons. Lenny started the investigation right away and went to Elaine Garfield’s apartment. However found something unusual. He found that most of Elaine’s clothes had been gone. When he was about to leave he found 2 men waiting outside, he tried to close the door but failed.

The 2 men hit him hard on the head and he fell unconscious.

After waking up, he went to the company that Elaine worked in. He was able to talk to Suzy, Elaine’s friend. She told him that they usually went together and danced at Las Cabanas, and she met a man named Benny Greep. When Lenny Samuel went to Greep’s apartement, he found him dead in his bath.

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Lenny informed the police, however when the police arrived they arrested him for murdering Benny Greep. Lenny tried to convince them that he didn’t murder him. He told him about his story. The police started to investigate Helen Garfield. They found out that Helen Garfield didn’t exist. Lenny Samuel was confused and surprised to find out. He asked to meet her. When he told her what the police informed him. She gave up and told him her whole story. She told him that she is Elaine Garfield.

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She told him that she visited Las Cabanas a lot to see Benny Greep, and that she noticed 2 men that walked in everyday at the same time carrying big bags, however when they left Las Cabanas they didn’t have them. Elaine decided to ask Benny about those 2 criminals, he told her that there are a lot of strange things in Las Cabanas and it was best not to ask any questions.

The next day, Elaine was sitting in Las Cabanas when the 2 criminals were sitting in the table next to her. She was close enough to see what was in the bag. Those bags were filled with diamonds. Later, she told Benny what she saw earlier. They both planned and decided to steal the bags of diamonds and hide it in her apartment. Eventually, the criminals found out that the bag was missing, so Elaine decided to move into a hotel and go to see Lenny Samuel and tell him about her “missing” sister. That made her feel safer. Later, the criminals try to get the bag back from Lenny and Elaine, however the police came in and arrested them. Elaine and Lenny explained the whole story to the sergeant and he let them leave.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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