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Light and darkness. sight and blindness come in different signifiers. One can be literally unsighted. and therefore be physically unable to see the people around him. the topographic points he goes to and everything that comes approximately. On the other manus. one can be figuratively unsighted and. hence. see merely what goes on in the outside and in the physical universe. The concealed truths that normally lay beneath the surface. and the enigmas that are kept secret in the deepnesss of a person’s being all go undetected and unnoticed by figuratively unsighted eyes.

Therefore. unsighted people see nil. For them. there is merely the darkness that ne’er ends. In Sophocles’ Oedipus the King. the chief characters were all blind and were all stuck in the darkness that kept clasp of them as captives of destiny edge to the life that they were destined to populate – the same life that they blindly lived even when some of them ( i. e. Oedipus and Laius ) did all they could to reject and hedge their fates as foretold. Oedipus spent his old ages figuratively blind to the many truths predominating behind the fortunes of his life.

As an informed looker-on of the drama. one would agitate his caput out of commiseration for Oedipus – in his sightlessness. he has done things that were non easy to forgive and bury. For all his innate wisdom. looking good luck and power as the male monarch of Thebes. he was a hapless. blind victim of the destinies who groped in the darkness all his life.

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merely to lay eyes on visible radiation on a twenty-four hours when it merely made his see things we could non bear to see. As a immature adult male. Oedipus has come to hear narratives stating that he is non the biological boy of the parents he has known. King Polybus and Queen Merope.

For privation of seeking out the truth. he set Forth for the prophet – the Oracle of Delphi – to inquire the one inquiry he so needed to be answered: “Who were his existent parents? ” ( Bookrags website ) The prophet. though. elected to non straight cover with the inquiry Oedipus raised. Alternatively. it foretold that Oedipus was destined to “mate with his ain female parent. and shed with his ain custodies the blood of his ain sire. ” ( cited by Burgess ) In his sightlessness. Oedipus left Corinth for privation of doing certain that the prognostication would non come true. In the darkness that surrounded him. he was led to believe his parents were the male monarch and queen of Corinth.

During his travels. he had an statement with an older adult male over whose waggon had the right of manner. Oedipus ended up killing the older adult male and his bodyguards ; in making so. he blindly fulfilled the really prognostication that he was told – the same prognostication that his true male parent. King Laius. was given old ages ago. The adult male who died in his ain custodies turned out to be King Laius. Through it all. Oedipus could non see what truly happened. There was no visible radiation. and so he stayed in the entire darkness that pervaded most of his life. The same sightlessness led to Oedipus’ acclivity to the throne of Thebes.

Not cognizing where he was headed because of the darkness that ne’er ceased. Oedipus solved the Sphinx’s conundrum. claimed kingship. married his female parent. Jocasta. and sired kids with his ain female parent as their female parent. Such sightlessness led Oedipus to make it all… Such darkness wholly made him unable to see the awful things that he was making. With no clear sight of world. Oedipus blindly spent old ages as the hero and male monarch who saved the people of Thebes from the Sphinx. “a monster with human female caput and chests and a lion’s organic structure with wings. ” ( AbleMedia web site )

Oedipus’ biological male parent was Laius. the male monarch of Thebes. Laius had ordered that his babe boy. Oedipus. be killed for privation of continuing himself – all in response to what an prophet foretold. He was kept in the dark. though. and was ne’er told that his boy was non killed as planned. To his deceasing twenty-four hours. Laius remained blind to the fact that his boy lived. With his boy out of the image. Laius lived his life believing that he was wholly free from the effects of what the prophet had one time foretold. In the darkness. there was no 1 to cast some visible radiation to the truths behind the events of his life.

He was blind to the realisation that all he did and all that happened were all lending to the fulfilment of the same anticipation. He died blind to the fact that he was killed by his ain boy. Therefore. from the twenty-four hours he ordered that his boy be killed. Laius had lived his life in entire darkness. He was the male monarch of Thebes but he could non see what was truly traveling on in his life. much less what was bound to bechance him. Laius’ married woman and Oedipus’ female parent. Jocasta was another figuratively unsighted character in the narrative.

When Oedipus claimed her manus as his award for acquiring rid of the Sphinx. she went on to get married Oedipus. wholly unsighted to his being her ain boy. Their nuptials was an event in their lives where both she Oedipus played their functions as bride and groom in entire sightlessness to their existent individualities and dealingss. Their sightlessness and the darkness that of all time enveloped them have led to the great calamities that their lives have become. In contrast to blindness is sight. The sense of sight enables a individual to literally comprehend the universe and everything in it in their physical signifiers.

But sight is non limited obviously to what is touchable and stuff. Sight figuratively denotes the gift of understanding. of wisdom. and even of prognostication. Therefore. sight in its nonliteral context is a rare and much more valuable module. One can see with his eyes broad unfastened when there is light. A individual coming to the visible radiation and being able to see people and things around him because there is visible radiation is person who eventually realizes the truth. comprehends the significances of spoken words and of events that have passed. and understands the deduction of things that have transpired.

While all the major characters of the narrative were figuratively unsighted and therefore. were in complete darkness. one character therein was literally unsighted. Teiresias. Despite his physical sightlessness. though. Teiresias could see all that has happened – he had the gift to foretell the hereafter and he saw through all that have happened in Oedipus’ life. He was physically unsighted. but he could see the things that all the major characters were blind to. He literally lived his life in darkness. his eyes being unable to lay eyes on visible radiation. but he had light in the signifier of wisdom and the ability to announce the hereafter.

In the terminal. it was through Teiresias that Oedipus foremost saw visible radiation. Aided by a unsighted visionary. Oedipus was eventually in the visible radiation and was able to take a expression at the life he lived. He figuratively acquired the sense of sight the twenty-four hours he learned of the full truth. With the truth unraveled. Jocasta killed herself and Oedipus pierced his eyes so he would non anymore see his ain kids who were every bit good his brothers and sisters. Physical sightlessness was one penalty he inflicted upon his ain ego for holding failed to see the truths that he should hold seen.

In the terminal. Oedipus was a physically unsighted adult male who eventually saw light. who could see his life and those of the people around him. and who tardily understood the events that led him to be the adult male that he was.

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