The Best Age to Married

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Laws states that the age that the men can get married is 20 and women is 18. As for me, it is not the best age to get married. I think the best age to get married is around 25 to 30. At these ages, people are mature enough in their thought and have a stable job because it helps them in future and also in society. Generally, young persons who graduate from universities are at the age of around 22 to 23. After that, they have to take time to find a job.

They need to spend many years to get experiences, to strengthen their relationship with others, to take their positions in work, and to have high salary. At this time, I think that it’s the perfect time to think about family because they may have enough money to earn their life, fully independent from their parents and having own decisions to solve difficulty problems themselves.

Furthermore, at the age of around 25 to 30 they are mature enough to give birth, to bring up and to take care of their children .

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If they get married after the age of 30, it is not good for a woman to have a baby. According to the research of American Society for Reproductive Medicine, from 30 onwards the fertility of women starts to decline. This decline is relatively gradual for the next years and the amount of the hormone testosterone of the men (the necessary for the growth of sperm) began to decline in the male body and the scientific research shows that it will badly affect to the children in the future if their mothers are pregnant at the age more than 30.

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Therefore, when they have a stable career and success in life, the best age they should get married is around 25 to 30.

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The Best Age to Married
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