The Benefits of Democracy Essay

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The Benefits of Democracy

Democracy benefits the individual citizen the most. There are many characteristics of democracy however Freedom of speech, Equality before the law, and freedom of the press are the most beneficial elements. Without these rights and freedoms a democratic country might as well be called an authoritarian country.

To some citizen’s eyes the freedom of press may not seem as important .The freedom of press allows an individual citizen to get the freedom of expressing their thoughts on tabloids, newspaper, editorials, the news media, radio stations, etc. As a citizen in a democratic country and as a member of the media one can criticize the government and the president whereas in authoritarian countries it is an arrestable offense to criticize the law. Society often disagrees with government, rules/laws, and political issues. One of the best benefits is to be allowed express your thoughts on society through writing and videos without being punished for it.

Equality before the law is essential right or freedom to which everyone is entitled and a government may not interfere which includes rights to life and liberty as well as freedom of thought and expression and equality before the law. All the people have the right to equal protection of the laws.

Freedom of speech is the most important of all to a well being democratic society. There is the ability to state your opinion in a non-respectful way in which the person will not be punished unless violent. Freedom of speech is not only communicated, radio, and television but are presented in novels, poems, films etc. In a democratic country, one can express their political and religious views through speech and won’t be arrested or harmed by the law. Protesting at government events are permitted as long as one is not verbally or physically violent. One may talk openly on the government officials without being arrested for their negative or positive thoughts.

Even though there are many complications through rights and responsibilities, of the two systems studied , it is evident that democracy benefits the individual citizen the most. Equality before the law, freedom of press and freedom of speech in order to express your thoughts and beliefs and be a part of the society and are an essential.

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