The Battle Against Fast Food Begins in the Home

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In Daniel Weintraub article "The Battle Against Fast Food Begins in the Home" argues about childhood obesity starting in the house and how its a lack of responsibility from the parents. Weintraub writes, “Parents, not state governments, are in the best position to fight the epidemic”(par 2). He also argues that in our world right now kids doesn't do anything but sit around at the house and play video games instead of getting up and exercising outside. Parents need to take more responsibility for child obesity but schools and fast food companies also need to take that same responsible role for the kids.

It is the role of the parents to instill good eating habits and to serve as role models for their children. If the kid has no medical reason for gaining weight then it seems acceptable to blame the parents. In the first place, the parents are the ones who buy the fast food for their children; parents are the ones who provide them with the money to buy unhealthy snacks.

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Fast food is afordable item being able to upsize a meal for a very minimal fee has made many our kids happy. Good healthful foods cost more money and take more time to prepare for that reason. In our fast food society, it is often much easier to drive through a McDonald's than it is to cook a meal and eat it. Parents without lots of money will get a whole meal rather than few vegetables from the market for the same price.

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Fast food meals are not only convenient, they are often very cheap. The fact that fast food is cheap and quick is no comparison.

Parents have a lot of influence on their children from the day they child is born. Parents teach Children how to talk, how to respect their elders and they also should learn healthy eating & exercising habits. It does not take to much to tell a child "no", actually, making limits is good at times. How can you teach a kid how to eat healthy if the only example that he sees is how to overeat?. The way children eat is the main cause of childhood obesity. Small changes in their diets can have large results in the future preventing them of obesity. A parent could make sure that they child is receiving Healthy choices including fruits and vegetables instead of sugary snacks. A good choice is carrots, apples, and even salads with a variety of vegetables and can eliminate soda from the house and even eliminate all junk Food from the house like chips and candy. We learn and feed off from their decisions, making us who we are today.

According to Weintraub, "it's the fault of the parents who let their kids eat unhealthy food and sit in front of the television of computer for hours at a time"(par 4). Weintraub's point is that children are influenced by their parents because they the ones lived with them almost all their life. Kids are influenced in good ways but mostly on bad habits that their parents teach them.

Parents need to model how to exercise as well as involve their children in physical activities. Weintraub's states, "we limit television time and encourage our boys to get out of the house, either to participate in organized sports or to ride their bikes, skateboard or roller blades"(par 15). Weintraub stats that the parents need to get of that couch and and do more of their future of the kids.

People believe that the blame is in the fast food industry. it is true that advertising works ,but it does not if one as the parent takes responsibility over your children activities. Kids do not have the right yet to choose their life style if they small. The parents choose it for them. Parents should really Engage them in physical activities outside of the home. Obesity will be less in the united states if everyone ate health and exercise like they suppose to do.

People might argue that there are single parents who do not have the time to take their children to outdoor activities because they have to work long shifts, or they have two jobs, but there are free resources that those parents can take advantage of. Schools have after schools programs in which it is involve physical activity and there can be community centers near by that can offer free physical activities programs that your kid can go to.

Attitudes, habits and beliefs about food selection and how to spend family time are big factors to forming a healthy relationship with food. Exercise, home made meals, and natural foods will be the only way to combat the rising toll that fast food is taking over American children's.

Childhood obesity depends on parental guidance, yet the fast food industry splits the culpability of kids getting overweight. The food industry overall could do more to limit children exposure to food that are unhealthy . There are fast food restaurants around every corner, and the kids have easy access to snack food s full of saturated fats and sugars in their schools. Fast food chains should limit the attractiveness for kids and have the calorie pamphlet on every meal of their menus.

Obese parents are more likely to have obese children. The reason for this is because obese parents probably pass down their poor habits to their children. When we combine the lack of exercising and the poor choices in food there is high chance that childhood obesity will end up causing a problem for children. As parents you should choose healthier menus in restaurants, make eating enjoyable and healthy by preparing food together as a family. Fast food should be limited and reserved for special occasions. Get kids moving; get them outdoors so they can enjoy having some exercise and be fit for life.

Updated: Apr 12, 2021
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