The Advantages of Making Friends Essay

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The Advantages of Making Friends

As men are social animals, we cannot live alone. Every person must have a friend at least in his life as he has other kinds of relationships such as parents, teachers, partners, etc. There may be many kinds of friends. Some are good but some are bad. Some are patient but some are not. Some are rich but some are poor. Whatever the case, we will need good circle of friends to co-operate with us and help in promoting our abilites, chances and social status to a higher rank. There is a saying like “Do you have one enemy? That’s enough. But, if you have one thousand friends, that’s not enough.” This saying points out how important of making friends in one’s life. Actually, we have already been so familiar with the word “friend”. We had been making friends with each other since prehistorical times. We built together our houses such as caves and lived together under the same roof by gathering each particular group. We hunted animals for food and fought enemies together. We could build our places from campfire to empires by using the strength based on our unity. Thus, our human revolutionary progress developed as a result of making friend. In our daily life, we cannot manage every activity including education, business, and others by ourselves without the other’s help. At schools and unversites, we have to take excercises, assignments, and study the lessons by either discussing or sharing ideas with our classmates rather than learning in classes by ourselves.

Founding specific groups like reading club, school’s essential comittee for participating general affairs, etc is one example for using the advantage of friendship. Every successful and leading business company cannot run their business without involving many staffs who have the warm atomsphere of friendship.Nowadays, as the technologies are rapdily bombing, we have some popular social networks like facebook, twitter, friendstar online. These websites are intentionally published in order to make friends among many knids of people throughout the world and take unlimited advantages from making friendship by sharing a lot of knowledge and skills, a wide range of study, supporting ideas, information, news and events, and helping to solve each diffculties among friends and so on.That is why many people like these online media. Today’s world is globalized and accordingly, we need to survive this change. So, the method of sharing with
others becomes more siganificant rather than isolation.It is sure that finding a way to make friends may be one of the fundamental strategeries for our brighter future trend.

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