The 19th Amendment and Women`s Rights

All humans are born with equal rights that cannot be taken away. Or, that’s at least what the constitution tells us. But these rights are not given to women. The women are fighting back though with protest and rallies. there are 2 sides fighting against each other, the Suffragists and the Anti Suffragists. I think they are being worn down in Congress, and they are planning to pass an amendment giving women the right to vote. There will be several pros and cons with the passing of this amendment

There are lots of pros of passing the 19th amendment.

One pro is that women could help make better laws and make America better. Another pro is that it would be easier to remove laws unjust to women, such as unfair pay, non-equal rights, etc. Also, women would be able to get higher wages. And in the south, white women said they could dilute the black people votes in the polls. Another is women have ideas about how to limit alcohol consumption.

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It would also increase amount of law abiding citizens that are voting. And it would lead to fair treatment in a public area. And the legislation for the protection of the children would be obtained easier with women being able to vote. giving women the right to vote would be the easiest way to influence public affairs. Voting would also make women more broadminded about politics, our country, etc. It would also make it harder for notorious candidates to take office.

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Allowing women to vote would increase women’s influence in the home, the state, and the whole country. This amendment would also help out the women that need help the most, like those who suffer from prejudice, abuse from men, and who are trapped with no rights in the country where “all men were created equal” is in our constitution. It would also make a maxim during wartimes. All of this would lead to a more democratic America, and would make an example to all other countries where women are suppressed.

But, for all things with pros, there has to be cons. One is that women are to frail and couldn’t handle the

pressure of being allowed to vote and would make far too many mistakes and causing some serious damage to our country. Another con is that women would lead peaceful countries into war, and risk men’s lives while they sit at home. And women’s votes would be swayed by their husbands, and also unscrupulous politicians trying to win the election. Another con is that women could hide more than one vote in their sleeves and dresses and fill the ballot with false votes, leading to incapable leaders being elected into office, leading our country into madness and possibly into an economic depression. Also, if women can vote, they could possibly get elected for office, and would make bad choices that would lead to the end of our country. Another is that women are incapable of making logical decisions and rely heavily on emotion, which would make for bad voting. And many Americans are angry at the government because of women being allowed to vote.

Women being allowed to vote would cause a split in the people. On one hand, there are several good pros in allowing women to vote for our leaders. But there are also many cons that come with allowing women to vote. Some people would be very happy that women can vote. But others would be very angry with women

getting more power in our country. But the thing is, all people should be treated equally, right?

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