Their First Amendment Rights

“Today i’m going to be talking about a lot of controversial subjects. But I don’t know when we started calling facts controversial.  Millions of people gave up their First Amendment rights long ago. We gave them up in the name political correctness, and in the name of being “non-offensive.” The First Amendment is dead. Long live the Reign of Sensitivity. I’m talking about Hollywood, the university’s, a lot of the people in the media not all of them many of them in the media.

These are the purveyors of political correctness and they were winning. Here’s the issue, Americans are naturally polite, we follow rules, we care about not offending other people, we want other people to feel respected. We really like one another for the most part.

And we’re not all that interested in ticking off our neighbors but the left finally went too far. Maybe it was the feeding manic disorder media declaring over and over that founding ideology was dead and had to get replaced with something new and stunning.

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Maybe it was a culture that saw every single traditional value is an obstacle to be destroyed or overcome. Maybe we have a tendency to simply get annoyed with the lies, whatever it was the American people finally said enough. People said no you don’t get to lie about America and no I won’t lie about America even if it makes you feel better if I do. You don’t get to inform little boys that they can become little girls simply to avoid offensive people.

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You don’t get to slander members of a police departments across the country by calling them racists without any evidence. You don’t get to suggest like our good friend bernie sanders that’s stealing money from some and giving it to others makes you a moral human being it doesn’t it’s the reverse. Well what changed the left finally pushed too far, Americans realized that people were being turned slowly but surely into weaklings. Older Americans noticed their children were being educated to play victim rather than thinking for themselves.People realized that kids who think their victims won’t actually take control of their own lives. Everyone is capable of success it is a free country everybody in America is capable of success if they apply themselves, and if they follow some basic rules, or if they get a job, if they don’t have babies before they’re married, if they graduate high school, they do those three things and they will not live in permanent poverty in the United States.

Younger Americans realize they were sick of being pandered to, that they didn’t need to be told how rough they had it they needed to be told they could accomplish something. Women, men, black Americans, Hispanic Americans, white Americans didn’t matter millions of Americans thinking as individuals rather than checkmarks on a piece of paper standing up and saying I can do what I want I can say what I want and if you don’t like that then you can choose not to like it. The only way make sure that Political correctness continues to lose, is that if people tend to tell the truth. Not useless insultes , not meanness, not false attacks on establishments, people have to inform the reality. This is the laborious half we will not become social group, the easiest thing to do is attacking people who have been pushing Political correctness. President Trump likes to attack the media and a few of the times he is right.

He’s a hammer and the media is the nail, and that’s great but when President Trump complains that everything negative anyone has ever said about him isn’t true, or when President Trump says he had the largest inauguration crowd in history, or when the president says there were good people marching in charlottesville that is not him waging an effective war against political correctness. It is nonsense, it is immoral, and it actually helps those who push political correctness. When people don’t tell the truth that allow the Political correctness instigators to pretend that they are the ones who are truth tellers. They are not, Political correctness is about lies, we can never let the politically left masquerade as the truth tellers, which means people must always tell the truth.

Every time people on the right lie they let them off the hook, people cannot fight the lies of political correctness with more lies. They can’t fight Political correctness by claiming victimhood with no proof, that makes people on the right part of the politically correct culture. When people on the right lie anyone need to call it out. But people cannot say stupid things only for the sake of melting snowflakes. That means that our job is justice about facts. If People wish to defeat political correctness, people can not be afraid to offend them. Those types of people are displeased by nearly everything anyway. People need to indicate that they’re liars and that we are the truth tellers. That means telling the truth about everything, it means that when the right side fails people have to call it out.

About the only part of the First Amendment left standing is our freedom to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances. But fortunately, thanks to our surrender of all our other First Amendment rights, the government always has an easy answer. No. But at least we’re sensitive. If we all say just the things the government allows us to say, and practice religion in just the way the government wants us to practice, and report just what the government wants us to report, we’ll be fine.

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