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Some people believe that television is a powerful educational tool. Other people believe that television is nothing more than mindless entertainment and should be discouraged. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? With the advent of television, people’s ways of life, ways of learning in particular, have modified significantly. To me, television both makes contribution to audiences’ learning process while, on the other hand, contributing to certain false notions involuntarily implanted in those audiences.

First of all, television, TV as its abbreviation, is broadcasting a variety of programs which help exalt people’s intelligence, especially of those non-book lovers; TV is less time-consuming and is a much quicker way to gain new and various kinds of knowledge.

We can access any updated information about this moving globe and thus make us part of it. Secondly, with the advantages of pictures and sounds launched from TV, people tend to comprehend more of the messages dispatched out of TV than any other kinds of data transmitters thanks to its motion pictures and real-time sounds.

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However, as a general rule, every advantage comes with its dark side. Although there are a lot of program choices for us spectators, we are, to some extent, not the ones who get to decide what to watch. The time we are available to sit down and turn on our telly might exactly be the time when some ridiculous programs are running. Additionally, TV has a negative effect on general concentration. TV audiences usually can’t stand reading a book abounding with letters and long sentences.

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Hence books are decreasingly needed in this modern world and people also increasingly lose their concentration on the long-standing activity before them. To summarize, I, who have lived a quarter of my whole life without watching TV, think it’s normal for a thing to be advantageous and disadvantageous at the same time therefore the best way to put this is for us to exploit from its good and discard its bad.

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