Technology and education Effects of technology on reading and writing habits

Technology and education: Effects of technology on reading and writing habits


       There has been a lot of improvement in technology all over the years. The improvement in technology has led to people to shifting from analogue era to digital era in order to fit in the new life style. Technology has rapidly changed over time thus creating opportunities and challenges in schools. Today many schools have well equipped libraries by the virtue of the new technology such as internet. This helps students to pursue advanced study online.

The introduction of this technology has both positive and negative impacts in education. When it comes to negative side, technology especially digital media presents education with downfall in the behavior of learners. The use of computers in order to study online has led to students putting fewer efforts in class and concentrating on social medial such as face book (Nelson, 2010). The use of computers to do homework has led to multi-tasking by students’ since they are able to bounce from their homework to face book charts through their own initiative.

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The use of technologies such as PowerPoint presentation, Microsoft word, internet, and web page creativity, and doing homework at home on computers help to improve the reading and writing habits of students.

       Technology has also reduced the raising of critical thinkers and innovators among students. This is due to the use of multiple choices in the standardized testing. Educators mainly concentrates on the policy of teach to test which limits students’ opinions. This makes learners and teachers think that multiple choices exams make work easier and reduce biases because of the automated machine used for grading.

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Apart from the negative effects mentioned, technology has positive effects too. It helps students take shorter materials which they prefer. Longer materials make them take fewer sentences and also draw away their attention easily (Nelson, 2010). Online learning has led to the rise of teaching to test concept which is important to students who take licensed exams. The online license exam has led to enrollment of students in traditional academic fields. According to Laisch (2003), computers and other technologies have positive effect on writing skills. According to research by Laitsch, (2003) students who use computers show improvement in their writing than those who don’t use them.

       Technology helps make learning easier. It reduces stress among students especially when it comes to complex calculations. The introduction of calculators by scientists enables student’s calculation of complex mathematical logarithms to be easy. There are many debates concerning technology in schools and many people are against it because in their opinion they think it is destructing the life of learners. The use of computers has broadened the global economy. It has reached out beyond classrooms to serve the needs of those with disabilities, rural areas and those who want to study from home. This applies to the online students and the license exams. Thanks to technology students have portal and connection to every part of the world. The internet connection enables one to access information in any place at any time they want to. In order for schools to be successful technology must be in place.

       According to Nelson (2010), multi-tasking has a negative impact on students when using computers. It may cause tress to students hence affecting their learning. This is because the mind mainly is under pressure of accessing different things at the same time. Apart from sneaking to face books, the uses of computers compromise the study of some subjects that needs prolonged concentration. This is shown in the way students try to multitask in other things that are not related to the lessons in class. However technology also limits the interaction of students with the teachers (Nelson, 2010). When it comes to teaching, teachers use screens covered with whiteboard to project and write. The installation of this hardware prevents teachers’ communication to students because everything one requires for study is clearly displayed. Interaction prevention students and teachers not only apply to student in class but also to those who register on online studies. Online students depend on the materials sent to them by teachers online they both have no chance or time to interact.


       Technology is here and everyone should embrace it. There is nothing that can be done to stop it from advancing. I believe that technology mainly is a catalyst for change in learning. What people need to do is identify the main role of technology in learning. This will really help learners to gain access to learning materials. Teachers and students need to be supported when they develop digital technology to ensure it improves learning. Teachers should also make sure that technology used supports collaboration and effective interaction between them and students. The use of technology impact should be clear in order to make sure that there is effectiveness and efficiency in the work of learners. Teachers should identify when and what time learners need to stop using technology. This will help reduce the incidences like multitasking of students by accessing Facebook and massages while at the same time learning. By observing all of this complains on the use of technology will reduce. People are living in the world of technology it will be difficult to shift to the old ways of teaching.


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Technology and education Effects of technology on reading and writing habits

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