Technological Advancements in Communication

What technological advancements in communication were discussed in the article?

In this article, The technological advancements in communication discussed included collaborative technologies like social computing, wiki’s, mash up’s, video conferencing, and instant messaging. These technologies allow businesses to get away from all the e-mails or traditional communication that involves only a select number of people. With collaborative technology, business can communicate with anyone they want and everyone feels like they are included.

Choose two communication types and compare and contrast them.

How could these be used in your workplace?

Two of the communication types that I am going to compare are emails, and interactive spreadsheets like the one mentioned from In my workplace, we could use interactive spreadsheets to our advantage. We share emails back and forth to our subsidiaries’ in many countries. Most all of the different countries share a different language and translation could present a problem. With an interactive spreadsheet, you could have a space reserved for the different languages so that information could be translated one time instead of many times.

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Emails are only available to whoever you send them to. With an interactive spread sheet, information could be viewed by everyone and other people could put their two cents in. You would be creating a larger team than with emails.

Do these technological advancements in communication follow what is traditionally considered business communication? Why?

I think that these technological advancements in communication follow traditional business communication to a certain extent. Information is still being shared, teams are still collaborating, and decisions are still getting made.

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The difference with collaborative technology is that it is much easier to do all of this now. Businesses are able to communicate on a much broader level and more people can be involved. Technology is also taking the leg work out of the equation for some businesses, freeing them up to concentrate on more important tasks.

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Technological Advancements in Communication
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