Technology Trends Essay

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Technology Trends

Just as technology changes every year so does the way technology is implemented in the health care filed. Technology has greatly benefited health care in many ways from how fast a patient can be seen by a physician to how fast their medication can be in their hands ready for them to take. Technology is a tool that can be used to solve practical problems with the goal on increasing profitability. In health care this means that the more detailed and involved management becomes with new technology implementing , coordinating, planning, and simply managing all aspects of a new program or software implementation the better management will be at communicating to their staff their strategic goals for profitability. Good managerial individuals will incorporate themselves in all aspects of a new program, software, or technology selected to try and make sure that the program will work in helping the organization achieve their goals.

The goals of the organization may be optimization, prioritizing, or profitability; a good management team will look at such new technology and think how this will help the organization now and in the future. Management is also responsible for making sure that their employees understand such new technology so planning training days is part of making sure the new technology is understood by all. Security measures must also be considered and risk analysis reports ran and resolved to communicate important feedback to employees about threats or simply making ones staff aware of the risks.

Managers must also have a tactical role in new technology implementation by making sure that all schedules are being met, priorities set in place where needed, and milestones being reached. All of this must be done and timely manners while all along keeping in mind their set budget. At the end of the day a manager may be a part of every single piece of information and communicate regularly with their staff; however if a manger cannot stay on budget he/she will have to answer to stake holders, CEO’s and CFO’s.

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