Technological Progression in Communication

Pavel Koldovsk? PAPIP 2019

Technological progression in communication has significantly influenced a life of nearly every human being on this planet. It has made many things easier and more available but are there only good effects? People from all around the world are thanks to internet able to communicate with each other. It is really useful when for example your friends live at a great distance and you are unable to travel very often to see them. Sending letters could be sufficient solution but it is definitely not as fast.

The biggest problem is that people often misuse of this and chat literally with everyone and avoid talking face-to-face in real life. It mainly keeps them away from socialization and personal contact. Technology is useful for making administration correspondence simpler, E.g. in business, healthcare, education, diplomacy or state structures like employment department. In past we had to spend much more time in waiting rooms as well. I see the big improvement in this segment over the past few years.

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Everything is connected and there is a way less documents we must fill out. Another progress I should mention is chained with receiving information. In this case population mostly use television, radio and internet as a source. A newspaper serves the same purpose, but I find it outdated and in present less and less used. However, all these sources help us to learn news easier and faster. If something happens on the other side of a planet, we will know a few hours later or sometimes only in a few tens of minutes.

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On the other hand, a great disadvantage lies in small trustfulness and objectivity. “Fake news” are very frequent in these days and it is sometimes hard to decide what is true and what is not. Children’s addiction to modern inventions and using it more than necessary is another unpleasant fact. In many cases parents do not limit them and so they are able to spent as much time on PCs or mobile phones as they wish. This can lead apart from already mentioned addiction to visual disability and other health complications. It applies to some adults too. Technology communication is important part of our lives and brings us except for positives also the negatives. If people do not use it correctly and in acceptable rate, they will earlier or later have to face the consequences. So, it depends on every single person?s decision. “New technology is not good or evil in and of itself. It’s all about how people choose to use it.” (David Wong)

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