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1.1 Take note of children and young people's responses to own practise
When working with children and young people schools will require you to evaluate how each individual responds while they are in your charge. You may find that different teaching styles work better than others and that some prefer a softer approach whereas others may enjoy difficult challenges. Teachers often find that you may be able to spend more time with an individual and your feedback can be a useful source of information, for this reason it is often helpful if you keep a written track of each child or groups progress and how they reacted in each session.

1.2 Ask for constructive feedback on own practise from colleagues
For you to be able to provide the best possible education for children and young people you should always be pushing yourself to reach greater heights and by listening and taking on advice from your colleagues, assessor, head teacher to parents you will be able to continue to grow into a valuable team member and role model to your students.

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You could ask a colleague to observe you and give back any feedback they may have. If you decide after taking on feedback and assessing your own role that you are perhaps thinking of changing the way you approach a situation, then you may find that seeking advice on the best way to approach situations through your peers could be a useful way of gaining advice.

1.3 Take note of responses to own practise from others.

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Evaluating oneself is often a difficult procedure as it means looking deep within and taking your own beliefs and actions into account. You should aim to be as professional as possible as you in essence are looking after the well-being of somebodies child. You may find that you hold different beliefs to some parents or even the school itself and it is important that you try to remain open minded when taking advice from others.

1.4 Evaluate all aspects of own practise.
A pupil’s development and learning will be directly related to the experience and ability of their school and teachers. It is a teachers own responsibilities to try and improve their own practise and there are many different ways and opportunities available and most schools will encourage teachers to take advantage of these resources and can often fund training opportunities for staff.

2.1 Identify possible development opportunities relevant to improving own practises.
You should always be striving to improve your practise; schools will often have connections with different organisations that provide training schemes that will help you improve your practise. However there all lots of different ways of improving your practise, you may find that during your first years that you will be assigned an experienced member of staff who will be able to guide you and give you feedback. Teachers can also use the internet as a source of training, and there are many teaching coaches both online and available for group sessions in a more conventional classroom environment. You can also use the internet to take advantage of open and distant courses, which can be taken at one’s own pace should you find that time is difficult to manage.

2.2 Describe the importance of continuing professional development.
Continuing your professional development is key to progressing in your career and ensuring that you don't get stuck in a rut and lose interest, students will pick up on this so keeping things fresh is vital. Keeping a track of your development and qualifications you have achieved will ensure that your record is kept up to date as this will help should you look to progress in your career.

2.3Work with an appropriate person to identify own strengths and areas where practise could improve, plan ways in which practise could improve, identify goals and targets.

2.4 Take part in continuing professional development that is relevant to own goals and targets.

Your line manager will usually be the person who will evaluate how you are progressing. In this meeting you will be asked to consider how you think you are developing, tasks you found enjoyable and also challenges you have encountered. In this meeting you will also be able to raise any concerns you may have. It will be in this meeting that you will identify strengths and weaknesses and how you plan to use and improve these. Setting targets will help you to focus and achieve goals, try looking at where you think you are weak and work on improving in that particular area. Always try to seek advice from more experienced members of staff. When you have decided what area you are going to develop you should take into consideration what target you are going to set for yourself. You should be able to see results, and make sure they are achievable. Try to ensure that your targets are realistic and that you set yourself a time frame so that you make time to achieve these targets.

2.5 & 2.6Review own personal development and identify new areas of skill and knowledge to achieve new goals and targets.
At the end of the academic year your line manager and yourself will sit down and review how you progressed over the year and how you aim to improve in the future. You might not have achieved the goals you set yourself, this could have been for a number of reasons (perhaps you find your role in the school has changed over the year) so you will have to determine whether these goals are achievable still. You may want to set new challenges if you feel that you your role is changing.

3.1 Describe why teamwork is important in schools.
Teamwork will play a key role in determining the overall success of a school. All staff members will have individual roles while working as part of a team with a common goal in mind. It is important to make time for others and lend support when required. Good communication is key to a successful team and this will benefit students in the long run.

3.2 Describe the purpose and objectives of the team in which they work.
Set objectives and goals will be targeted by the school for different departments but it would be to the detriment of the students if each team worked individually and failed to communicate with other departments and lend support to other teams in the school. You may need to work with others from outside the school so good communication and assistance should readily available. Should you be set a certain class or department then you will need to work closely with the teacher so that you are both working towards the same goals.

3.3 Describe own role and responsibilities and those of others in the team. It is important to know your own role and that of others when working in a team. You may have a member of staff who has a limited amount of time available or has other responsibilities so good communication is vital. Bad communication could mean assigning a team member unrealistic tasks. Work out a clear and consistent process for team members to communicate with each other so that opinions and suggestions can be aired.

3.4 Describe the importance of respecting the skills and expertise of other practitioners.
Each individual team member will bring and add different skills to and expertise to the group as a whole, no one member if the team should be made to feel more important or less important as each has a role to play and difficulties will be encountered without each member pulling in the same direction. The opinions and ideas of team members should always be met with respect and an open mind, this will help a team bond together if they feel that they are working as part of a well-oiled machine and are working together with set goals and tasks being worked towards.

4.1 Support the purpose and objectives of the team & 4.2 Carry out own role and responsibilities within the team.
It is important to remember that while you are at school, you will always be performing as part of a team, you may be asked to work exclusively with one student but at the same time you will be taking one student away from the teacher thus you with the teacher will be working as a team. An essential component of making sure that your team operates successfully will hinge on how well you operate in supporting the operation. In my experience good communication is a must. Recently while volunteering at Winns Primary School in Walthamstow we had to take a class from year six off the school premises to a local swimming pool. On route we had to cut across the park, and a teacher was asked to make sure that none of the students ran off (as they knew the area) ahead to the swimming pool. This proved difficult as there were around 8 young boys all eager to get there. I was then asked by the team leader to move from the middle of the pack, to the front, to assist. This ultimately proved helpful and we made the trip to and from the swimming pool thereafter without incident. This was then introduced into the next trip with another class from the same year.

4.3 Communicate clearly with team members and others, making sure they have the information they need.
Good communication entails both getting your point across clearly while at the same time letting others also have an input. While at Winns Primary School a group of teachers were asked to take charge of a school play. Although an Easter play may have been the obvious choice considering the time of year the students said they were bored of doing the same play every year so after taking this advice to the meeting we decided to do an Easter play with a twist which the students were more than happy about. This did bring up new problems as not all off the teachers were present at the meeting - when presented with the new idea, they made strong objections as they felt that Religious festivals should not modernised as this could cause offence. All teachers were then asked to speak to parents and run a poll asking if they were happy to have their children participate in the revised play, which came back with a resounding 100% in the positive. The play was a huge success and a new modernised version of Joseph and the multi-colour dream coat is now in production.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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