Duties of Sales Assistant Essay

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Duties of Sales Assistant

To be a responsible sales assistant, the frontline workers need to recognize the Inherent Power of their Professional Presence and start establishing effective nonverbal Communication. Creating their own virtual presence is important as well. For the store manager to lead effectively, they need to demonstrate good leadership skills and be engaged in the workplace.

As a sales assistant with the following duties and responsibilities , they are responsible for assisting and providing support to the sales manager of the organization , responsible for solving all the queries and problems of the employees , developing and implementing new strategies and plans in the sales department to improve work quality and providing report to the sales manager . Sometimes they also can motivate all the employees in achieving all the targets and goals of the company . Some company they increase the performance of the sales department by 30% to motivate the sales assistant . Maintaining a good work environment in the department this may help the sales assistant to work better and they will want to come to work everyday .

To survive in today’s competitive climate , organizations must provide good service . Employees who have direct contact with the customer , client , or patient play a key role in the area of service. Effective frontline employees are able to express a warm , sincere greeting , display a caring attitude and provide competent service .

The first impressions is very important for the customers must be aware of your appearance and display good communication skills, both verbal and nonverbal and also establish the value you provide .

On the 29th of October we went to Queensbay Mall to survey around. We went to Forever 21 boutique first and once we walk in to their shop, 15-20 sales assistants can be seen. Forever 21 butik they sell ladies fashion wear and their price is above average . Example like a dress is around rm 150-200 . To continue my research, we requested to find the size that are not displayed. Immediately, they walked away without even greeting and were obviously reluctant to serve us, this strongly make us feel negative .The other sales assistants that are standing around the store acted like they did not see us and we were shocked about their rude attitude and service. As a customer, these kinds of attitudes cannot be tolerated and they should train their sales assistants to at least be friendly and willing to help. Apparently their sales assistants did many things that make us feel negative .

At the same day , the second store that we went to is Body Glove. They selling male and female wear and it’s beach wear and also casual wear , the price of their clothes is average . Example like a t-shirt is around RM 40-50 .We were shocked but in a good way this time because the workers there are very friendly and helpful. When we could not find the size that we need, they smiled really cheerfully and got the sizes that we want in just a few minutes. As a customer, we felt very comfortable and bought a few apparels from Body Glove. These are the attitudes that they should practice and I will definitely visit Body Glove again. This shows that the sales assistant makes us feel positive about them .

Greetings| All the sales assistant walking around the shop but there is one sale assistant stand at the entrance of the shop to say ‘Welcome’(Positive )| Once we walk into the shop they say out loudly ‘Welcome’ (Positive )| Attitude| The sales assistant are reluctant to answer enquiries, rude towards customers . (Negative )| The sales assistant is cheerful, helpful and willing to learn . (Positive)| Facial expression| All the frontline people smile to us but some sales assistant they act like they don’t see us.(Negative) | All the front line people include the supervisor in the shop smiling at us once we step into the shop .(Positive)| Communication skills| As we visit their shop , they dint tell us more about their promotions .(Negative)| Once we go in to the shop they will depends on what we see and promote us about their promotions . (Positive)| Presentation technique| They don’t even promote their promotions.(Negative)| They tell us clearly about their promotions and tell us which one is more worth it to buy . (Positive)|

As showing by the table above we can clearly see that the difference between Forever 21 and Body Glove shop frontline people . The positive and negative experience are clearly shown in the table . Through this experience we can see that we get good service from Body Glove shop than Forever 21 .

-Write abt the positive and negative behaviour

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