Trainee Assistant Practitioner Job

As a Trainee Assistant Practitioner, my work involves working with various people like - patients and their family members and also with staff at various level and capacities. I communicate (oral and written) well with these group of people. According to Pavord, E, & Donnelly, E (2015) communication is about the interaction we have with others and it could be thru various means like face to face, electronic, Phones. I get across to family member/relatives on behalf of the patient whenever the need arises thru phones.

I also contact third parties like social care or council thru email to pass information in other to assist my patient in their request. Also my colleagues and superior including my manager and matron, I pass on the necessary information to them either face to face during hand over or thru email to update them on the progress or raise concern over the patient care or any practice that need to be reflected upon.

Good communication is crucial to work in health care sector, It helps build trust, and encourages people to seek advice and use services.

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It is the key to establishing and maintaining relationships, and is an active process that involves listening, questioning, understanding and responding. Pavord, E, & Donnelly, E (2015). I always listen to my co-workers, patient and relatives and resolve issues where necessary. When and where necessary I involve my colleagues and/or my manager in taken vital decision I always encourage anyone I engage with to ask question and I also pass on information to my colleagues at work to enable continuity and team goals.

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The manner in which I resolved a concern that was raised by one of our patient during one of my shift makes my manager to recognised and commend my effort during our mid day debrief.The various jobs at various capacities that I have been doing over the years and my learning at the university have enabled me to develop an excellent inter personal relationship and skill while relating to different categories of people, especially the patients. Interpersonal skills are the existence skills we use every day to communicate and interact with other people, both individually and in groups. (ref).

In discharging my duties, I respect and treating each person as an individual without discriminating against their level of disabilities, race, colour, sexual orientation or religion. I believe diversity(ref) is strength and should be harnessed.The needs of each patient vary and differ, depending on individual care plan. I have developed experience in meeting these needs by following and executing this care plan thoroughly. My understanding of person centre care has greatly increased following one of my moodle at the university. Person-centred care involves caring for patients beyond their ailment and tailoring their care to suit their individual wants and needs.(ref). I strongly believed that every patient must be treated with dignity and their rights respected. I always ensure that each patient is valued as person by seeking their opinion, and views about their care. Maintaining patient confidentiality is also vital to me and is one our top most value policy in my trust. Confidentiality is (definition/ref) Patients in my care are not left alone without adequate information about their care because I generally ensure they are informed every step of the way and encourage them to make a final decision on how they want to be cared for, after all, it is all about them and every decision about their care should be approved by them.

While supporting my patients, I always encourage them to exercise their independence as far as possible, I also support my patient to make choices on the type of clothe to wear, choice of what to eat rather than giving them whatever is on the menu, places to visit. I value the fact that their personal care needs to be put first before anything. So I assist those that are unable and encourage those that need minimal assistant. Personal care (def/ref) I also recognized the needs to plan my work and assess my resources before I start, this enables me to minimize the time and resources wastage. I always encourage my team to have a mini team brief after the major handover so as to know who is doing what and I found this very useful as it eliminate repetition and omission of work.I am a good team player that is committed to the provision of high quality care. A good team thrives with openness, sharing, flexibility, and flow of information when completing a task and this serves as a motivation, staff support and consistency.(ref) I can conveniently say am a good team player because I have impacted good ideas and gained ideas at my place of work.

Whenever I am leading a team, I am always looking out for my team member, giving a helping hand whenever I see anyone struggling either physically and emotionally. With the permission of the nurse in charge, I volunteer to escort one member of my team home when he feel ill during our shift. I am always follow the trust policies and procedures when carrying out my duties, I am up to date with my mandatory training which include manual handling, infection control, fire safety, safeguarding, health and safety and many more While the patients are in my care, I strictly follow Trust policy on infection control so as to make their stay not longer than necessary as this will increase NHS expenses. Thou I have an updated mandatory training but I am willing and keen to accept more training because knowledge is power I pay attention to details and I am very sensitive and skill in picking and interpreting patient symptoms. This strong attribute of mine has helped me to save ward I worked with of an outbreak of noro-virus, it has also help me to quickly attend to patient if their condition change.

Welcoming and having approachable attitude will go a long way to put the patient and their relatives mind at rest that they are in the right place for treatment. I always welcome anyone that comes across my path with a smile in and around the my Trust premises while on duty, asking them if there is anything I can do for them, even if they do not ask; and it is apparent they need help. I assist them to the best of my ability; and if it is something that I cannot handle, I usually refer them to the appropriate quarter where they can be assisted on time and promptly.I welcome new patients and their relatives to my ward, making eye contact, with a smile and introduce myself, explaining my role and I let the patient or visitor know the processes and procedures in and around the ward, and offer them tea and make them feel at ease.I always see myself as a representative of the Trust, my personal appearances are not taken for granted, I always appear in well ironed uniform, wearing my bold yellow barge bearing my name so that patients and visitors will be able to approach me formally without the hurdles of what name to call me.

I have excellent IT skill using Microsoft word, excel and email, I am very comfortable using keyboard. It will be a great opportunity to do more; as the new position of Assistant Practitioner will entrust more responsibilities and challenges which I will be glad to take on if given the chance; this will give me more opportunities to provide a safe and positive experience for my patients and their relatives.Above all, working with vulnerable people calls for dedication, hard work, great commitment, compassion, approachable attitude, good listening and good communication skill, being reliable and honest; AP standard ref all of these I possess and I am willing to learn new skills and be part of a dedicated team, working to support patients to lead a fulfilling lifestyles and to have a positive experience while they are in our care.With these skills and abilities, I will be able to function well in my new roles as an Assistant Practitioner if giving the opportunity.

Updated: Jul 20, 2021
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