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Target Market Profile use this form to create a demographic sketch of your client. The Information you gather can help you make the right decisions about your advertising, marketing, and promotions. To clarify your target market(s), flirt define the demographic and cryptographic factors and then identify the characteristics your clients have in common. Describe your current clients and those who are most likely your future clients: What is the age range and average age of your clients? What is the argental of males and females?

What is the average educational level of your clients? Where do your clients live? What are your clients’ occupations? Where do your clients work? What Is average annual Income level of your clients? Of which special interest groups are your clients members? What attitudes and beliefs about wellness do your clients hold? What are your clients’ needs, concerns and goals? What is the primary reason your clients use your services? What are some of the other reasons your clients use your services?

What is the average number of sessions per client? How many clients come in at the following intervals: Occasionally? Bimonthly? Monthly? Biweekly? Weekly? More than once per week? Who else services your clientele (other health care providers, vendors and businesses)? More about Massage Marketing at future.

Com Instead of sending an offer to a large, generalized group of people, it is much more effective to tailor your services to a selected market segment and then promote your offer to that segment.

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Once you Identify your target market, you can design your marketing campaign to achieve the best results at the best cost.

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Marketing a massage practice consists of sharing yourself with potential clients so they get a sense of who you are. Read “Marketing Magic” to learn how. For 12 steps to create your target market analysis, click on “Target Market Analysis. ” Not sure how to identify a target market for massage clients? We have compiled a list of “Typical Massage Client Target Markets. “

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Target Market Profile
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