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Taking Risks Every Day

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Everyone experiences risk every day and have the rights and can make their own decisions regarding risks, service users should partake in activities and the carers, duty of care. Service users are encouraged to increase their independents’ is hard to prevent risk completely trying to minimise and being prepared for risk by preventing action. Sometimes people need to take risks to achieve their goals or to prove to themselves that they are able to achieve thing what they want. People needs to be supported and have to be discouraged because of some people’s limitations and they could harm themselves.

Example. A resident with a broken leg and will be in plaster for 12 weeks usually attends a Social club where he is in the skittle Team. The individual feels that he will be able to play while he is in plaster, but he has found it hard to balance and stand for long. As this will be safety risk have decided not to take the risk but still attended the teams meeting and game, watch and be sociable and still be involved.

People with disabilities may be discouraged from taking part, many people with disabilities were prevented from taking part as it was classed as to dangerous for them to risk. People with learning difficulties did not have the choice to decide, others people in their life made the choices/decisions for them. The person with the disability thoughts and ideas was not considered giving them the chance to try and achieve something they would like to try for themselves.

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Balancing needs to be achieved regarding risks with level of protection and levels of choices and control and, your duty of care. Risks is part of our health and safety, well-being learning and security.

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