Taking concrete actions for health promotion, the case study of Aadhna George Russo

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As nurses, it is important and part of our plan to promote health to the clients. It helps us to focus on nurturing the causes of good health, changing the conditions and environment in which people live, work, and play, and making the healthy choices the easy choices. Health promotion works through concrete and effective community action in setting priorities, making decisions, planning strategies and implementing them to achieve better health. It supports personal and social development through providing information, education for health, coaching and enhancing life skills.

This will give people the skills needed to have more control over their own health, their environments, and to make healthy choices. Strategies for health promotion should strive to reduce negative health outcomes associated with health determinants by increasing knowledge though health education. Therefore, a nurse’s role in health promotion includes various responsibilities related to advocating, enabling and mediating activities to reduce poor health outcomes. Nurses should be able to apply evidence-based concepts from research to implement effective strategies that promote optional health and should be proficient in the skills and competencies needed to influence health-related policy and empower communities to take action toward improving health.

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In the case study, Aadhna George Russo’s assessment includes her height that has been fluctuating (mostly downwards) most recently, physically frail over the last 10 or so year due to multiple illnesses and health problems, diagnosed with hypertension and shortly experienced a mild heart attack. Her blood sugar has been unstable over the last few years which she was prescribed Metformin by her GP.

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She changed her diet and these two things seem to be having their intented impact in recent months. She lost her appetite steadily over a two month period and complained of abdominal discomfort at the same time. She was detected a tumor in her colon. She has been experiencing periods of disorientation and confusion intermittently during the day. There are health promotion strategies that might be helpful to Aadhna George Russo’s case to improve her health, provide illness control, prevent complications and improve her quality of life and her families. Because she was diagnosed with hypertension and experienced mild heart attack, some of the health education topics include instructions for checking blood pressure, preventing complications and adhering to pharmacological and nonpharmacological treatments, such as physical exercise like for example aerobic exercises, healthy diet which provide diet restrictions such as low-sodium, bland, soft, low-calorie/fat diet, and with frequent small feedings, smoking cessation, moderate drinking habits and reducing stress. Encourage her to identify lifestyle factors that affect hypertension management, recognize potential areas for change and create collaborative treatment plan focused on her goals for preventing secondary complications. For medication purposes, educate her the side effects of the drugs, contraindications, teaching her what to do if the side effects may occur, and what the drug is for.

Another area that needed for health promotion in Aadhna George Russo’s case was her unstable blood sugar. In order to maintain her blood glucose levels within normal range, some health promotion strategies might include patient teaching about lifestyle changes such as eating healthy foods with low-caloric diet and high fiber and by limiting the kinds of foods that can cause blood sugar to spike. For example, the doctor might recommend her cutting back on carbohydrates and eating more lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and also fiber. Encourage her to do some regular aerobic exercise such as walking around the facilities. Smoking and drinking cessation. Educate her about importance of following a prescribed meal plan that will help to maintain her stable blood glucose levels. Educate her about what Metformin is, the side effects, contraindications, what to do if the side effects occur. Teach her on measuring capillary blood glucose. Encourage her family support that may also need information as they also take Aadhna George Russo’s treatment. Provide information on how to contact a healthcare provider if there is any concerns and post-discharges. Educate about nearby community resources or support groups, additional learning resources like videos about how to stabilize blood sugar.

To promote tissue perfusion and prevent any complications on her leg ulcers, some health strategies might include patient teaching on how to prevent pressure on the ulcer by using an overbed cradle to keep linens from touching the extremity, prevent constriction to circulation by avoiding tight socks or garters. Encourage her to promote circulation by exercising like walking around the facility, dorsiflexion of the feet, and do some physiotherapy. Educate the family member on how to do the skin care such as change the dressing if prescribed. Teach her the importance of using the gravity to promote circulation and reduce edema by elevating the lower extremity when sitting and by avoiding prolonged standing, sitting, and crossing the legs. Encourage her to eat healthy diet such as increasing green, leafy vegetables and decreasing fatty foods. Educate her about the medications such as antibiotics for infection, the side effects, contraindications, and how to manage if the side effects occur.

Poor appetite is a common in older people living at home and in care homes, as well as hospitals. It can contribute to weight loss and nutritional deficiencies, and associated poor health outcomes. As in the case study, Aadhna George Russo lost her appetite steadily over two month period and she also changed her diet in recent months. To maintain her good appetite and diet, encourage her to choose foods that she wants or involved her in the meal planning. Encourage the family member to bring foods that seem appealing and try to sit and eat with her, chatting about pleasant topics during the meal in order to stimulate her appetite. Prevent or minimize unpleasant odors or sights that may have a negative effect on appetite and eating. Promote adequate and timely fluid intake. Encourage to do weigh regularly to monitor effectiveness of dietary plan. Educate her the importance of well-balanced, nutritious intake. Develop regular exercises and stress reduction program. In maintaining social ties, good interactions with other clients and participating in group activities can be essential to the overall health of older adults. The advantages of active socializing can enhance an older loved one’s quality of life considerably and able to make new friends, increased their self-esteem and confidence, and improved their physical and mental health. To promote Aadhna George Russo’s social inclusion and connectedness, encouraging her to participate role play random social situations in therapeutically controlled environment with safe therapy group. Getting along with the other residents and participate any activities. Encourage the family member to visit her frequently. Educate her the importance of being socialize with others and why it helps it for her.

Contributing to the interest in health improvement and performance monitoring is a wider recognition that health embraces well-being as well as the absence of illness. Health promotion strategies can be greatly influential in aiding individuals to comply with healthier living behaviors. Nurses can be considered as health promoters which promote healthy lifestyle, facilitate client involvement, educate and teaching the clients on how to promote effective health and quality of care, assist individuals, families, and communities to increase levels of health, and teach self-care strategies.

Updated: Feb 20, 2024
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