Tablets vs Textbooks Essay

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Tablets vs Textbooks

If you were to fill a 4GB tablet with 3,500 e-books, it would weigh a billionth of a billionth of a gram more than it did when it was empty; the equivalent of a molecule of DNA. With the same amount of physical books, it would weigh around two tons. Technology has been evolving and improving greatly since it was invented, and it’s being used in more aspects of life, one of them being education. Despite there being quite a few negative aspects to removing textbooks in schools and just using electronics, there are several good reasons to convert to tablets.

Although tablets can cost a lot, e-books are much cheaper than text books and will end up saving schools money that can be used in other ways. With e-books, students will be able to write notes and highlight the text without actually writing on it, which they otherwise wouldn’t be able to to with a physical text book. Students can even access homework and tests on tablets, eliminating the usage of paper even more. On the other hand, the cost of charging and making these tablets would be quite a lot, but not as much as all of the paper being printed each and every school day.

The costs aren’t the only tempting value of using tablets. In the entire 2011-12 school year, there were 13, 700 documented injuries of children in the US from backpack-related injuries, some of them being sprains, fractures, and strains to the back and shoulders. Tablets weigh significantly less than textsbooks, so serious injuries wouldn’t be a problem. The only health issues from tablets, which are far less serious than ones from textbooks, are eyestrain and headaches.

Some students have claimed that they don’t have the technical ability to use tablets as textbooks, but with the advancing technolology, it will be used in more ways than one in everyday life. Technology showing up and being frequently used in education is only the beginning and students will have to learn to use this technology sooner or later. Elementary school children in Ethiopia were able to use at least 40 apps in a time span of 5 days.

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